LPWV nominates Functional candidate for Senate

On Independent Political Report a great patriot by the name “Guess What” wrote:

“I was just reading about how the LP in West Virginia has a functional candidate for US Senate, a former state delgate. Good deal.”

After cyberpig Paulie attacked the great patriot for daring to post about the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement in the Open Thread, I did Paulie’s job and searched for information.  I found the functional candidate’s name to be John Buckley, former member of the Virginia House of Delegates.  Here is his statement from the LPWV site about his Senate candidacy:


I’m running for the United States Senate because I think increasingly we’ve lost our bearing in this country. In recent years, it seems that too many people are turning to the government to solve all our problems, which really just means trying to make someone else pay for the things we want. But turning to the government leads to an unhealthy concentration of power, because big government is inefficient, bureaucratic, and terribly intrusive. Worse, too much government corrodes our American heritage of personal responsibility and self-reliance. That’s not what average Americans want and it’s not good for the prosperity of West Virginia. On the other hand, with liberty and more limited government, we keep our money in our own pockets in the first place: to pay bills, take care of our family, invest in small business, save for our future, and help our neighbors in need.

Instead of compounding the problem with even more government “solutions,” the only way out is to untangle the mess of too much government, not add to it.

Did you ever see “The Hunger Games”? Sometimes, it seems that Washington, D.C., is the same as the “Capitol” of Panem, administering West Virginia and our sister states just like the “districts” in the Hunger Games. The seemingly benevolent dictators in Washington, D.C., think they know what’s best for us and, in regulating us so minutely, they keep us from thriving on our own. They set us against each other, all while the lobbyists in the capital city just get wealthier and wealthier at our expense.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans offer a consistent platform of individual liberty. The Libertarian approach – the “liberty approach” – is less government and more personal freedom, not just in economics but in civil liberties as well, such as privacy and social tolerance. So, I will bring a limited government, “live and let live” perspective to solving tough issues. Specifically, I favor: 1) across-the-board tax cuts (more money in our own pockets), 2) drastically reducing government spending, 3) an end to special favors to corporate insiders, and 4) a cease-fire in the ruinously expensive, counter-productive, and crime-enhancing “War on Drugs.”

There’s certainly room for at least one Libertarian in the United States Senate. West Virginia can lead the way to a new approach in Washington, instead of the same-old, same-old two party bickering. So vote Buckley for U.S. Senate!

Website: http://www.johnbuckley.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnBuckleyWV

Twitter: @Buckley4Senate


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