A Quick Fix for American Presidential Elections?

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

As previously written here at The PLAS Place, I have complained about the unfairness and unrepresentative nature of American elections. Also the corruption and illegal, secret domestic surveillance for political reasons and consequent covert operations-political dirty tricks. The American election system of winner takes all fosters a two party system and corruption see: Duverger’s Law
If someone, a candidate possibly me, or some political party, a third party, filed a civil action in U.S. District Court claiming damages from this system, it could request remedy. Assuming the Court system hasn’t been too corrupted. Such remedy could include ordering all Secretaries of State to place the major third parties on all ballots. That would result in the following being on all ballots: democratic party (17%), republican party (17%) Reform party, (unknown %), Libertarian party (13%), Green party (27%), Constitution party (27%). Further, that 4 Independents (unknown %) put on all…

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