Federal Court Order Needed to Make U.S. Elections Credible.

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

Unless the Courts have become too corrupted.
For some time, Donald Trump has been making allegations that the election is rigged. However, when he hesitated to say that he would accept the results, he escalated the complaints to another level. This is virtually unprecedented. The orderly transition of political power is a hallmark of American politics. And really it is only a matter of a centrist handing over power to another centrist. The political outliers, the leftist/progressives and the rightist/nationalists and the libertarians are just that, outliers in American politics.
Never having had political power in America, and not commanding much of a following due to polarization via Duvergers Law, they are in no position to do much about it. Every four years they gather their few devoted activists and followers with paltry contributions and frontal assault the fortified castle of the established parties with protective moat of ballot access…

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