Marlon Talks Back

***Disclaimer: This was submitted by the newest IPR-X writer Marlon Areola.  He is openly homosexual.***


Me with four of the studliest of studs keeping us safe in Iraq.

There’s been a nasty rumor going around that I traveled to Iraq and joined ISIS to marry a man.  This rumor is FALSE.

Although I did travel to Iraq a while back, I did not come into contact with any members of ISIS.  I met with soldiers and ambassadors who are doing their best to keep us safe. I am strongly opposed to ISIS.  We need to take a stronger stance against both ISIS and the Assad regime in Syria.  I advocate full military intervention to end the genocide.

I believe the rumor about me traces back to a story on the Saturnalian about gay marriages occurring among ISIS terrorists.  I guess someone who heard about me going to Iraq thought it would be funny to say I married an ISIS terrorist over there since I’m gay.  Real funny guys. NOT!



The Somali “refugee” who tried to kill people at Ohio State today should remind us all that we need to discontinue allowing people from countries with Muslim majorities from ever coming into our country, not only as refugees but for any reason.  These people, for the most part, contribute nothing to our society but death and destruction.  For those remaining, I say, “Get ‘Em Out!”  All the Somali “refugees” who’ve been dumped into the U.S., particularly among the great people of Minnesota, should be deported immediately.  This should be done before what happened today happens on an greater scale, causing the deaths of innocent Americans.  President Elect Trump needs to stick to his campaign promise to rid us of these so-called “refugees” and ban them from ever coming here in the first place.  We need to #MakeAmericaSafeAgain

My Response to Recent Hate Mail

I’ve received hate mail and angry emails from people upset I signed Big Dawg as a writer. Big Dawg provides a unique perspective.  You don’t have to like or read what he writes. Unlike IPR, IPR-X is not an echo chamber. We provide a diversity of views. Big Dawg shares views common within the African American community.  He was banned at IPR, possibly as a result of racism, and so we are providing him a platform here.

Further showing our cornucopia of views, I have signed a homosexual writer who was banned at IPR.  He will make his debut here whenever he wants.  This does not mean I endorse his lifestyle; quite the contrary to be honest.  Nevertheless, we will let him speak his mind.

To those still upset, I say “get over it”. If you feel so strongly then comment on the articles here and make your anger known.  The only restriction on comments here is that they must be in the English language. We are building something truly special here.  Let’s get to it!

Irregular Times Swept Into the Dustbin of History

The Internet became just a little better recently.  The hate-site Irregular Times has been completely eradicated from the web.  To that, we say, Good Riddance!

Among its crimes against reality, Irregular Times made false claims about the presidential campaign of Nathan Norman.  When exposed to the truth, it refused to retract its lies.  The site went out of its way to demonize Donald Trump, polluting the minds of its readers and causing disunity in the nation.  The site attacked the character of one Robert Milnes, making fun of the fact he suffers from clinical depression.

No longer will Irregular Times minimize the threats posed by Islamic extremists and anti-White terrorists.  No longer will Irregular Times fear monger about global warming and so-called racism.  No longer will Irregular Times impugn the character of noble citizens.

We thank the Internet for ridding us of the rubbish Irregular Times.  It is Karma for IPR-X, the site founded by one who Irregular Times so viciously attacked, to be the first to report on its demise, while IPR remains silent.

Assassination Politics by Jim Bell

Assassination Politics

by Jim Bell
Part 1

I’ve been following the concepts of digital cash and encryption since I read the article in the August 1992 issue of Scientific American on”encrypted signatures.” While I’ve only followed the Digitaliberty area for a few weeks, I can already see a number of points that do (and should!) strongly concern the average savvy individual:

1. How can we translate the freedom afforded by the Internet to ordinary life?

2. How can we keep the government from banning encryption, digital cash, and other systems that will improve our freedom?

A few months ago, I had a truly and quite literally “revolutionary” idea, and I jokingly called it “Assassination Politics”: I speculated on the question of whether an organization could be set up to legally announce that it would be awarding a cash prize to somebody who correctly “predicted” the death of one of a list of violators of rights, usually either government employees, officeholders, or appointees. It could ask for anonymous contributions from the public, and individuals would be able send those contributions using digital cash.

I also speculated that using modern methods of public-key encryption and anonymous “digital cash,” it would be possible to make such awards in such a way so that nobody knows who is getting awarded the money, only that the award is being given. Even the organization itself would have no information that could help the authorities find the person responsible for the

Abraham Zapruder, JFK Assassination Filmer: Another jewish Coincidence?

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

This morning I was watching CBS This Morning. Unfortunately high winds made the picture from my digital antenna bad. But I did gather that they covered the Zapruder film on this the 53rd anniversary of that terrible day(actually the day before). It clicked in my mind that Abraham Zapruder(died from cancer) was probably a jew, judging by his name, like Jack Ruby. I think I will do some further research on my computer.
Much like 9/11, I remember that day well, as most Americans who can remember do. I was in 6th grade. The principal came around crying. Then 2 days later, jew Jack Ruby (Rubenstein, died from cancer) shot ex Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, the ALLEGED assassin, fatally on live tv at the Dallas police station. Note: upon Oswald’s assassination, there would be no trial. Also note: I have written here at The PLAS Place about Oswald, counter alleging…

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