Trump that bitch!

From the (now deleted) Andy Jacobs blog:

We caught this insightful comment before it was censored by the commie Hillary lovers at “I”PR:

When the votes are all counted tonight, The Don will be The Dom and totally and completely TRUMP THAT BITCH and leave her in the dirt broken, bloody, bruised, defeated, humiliated, scarred for life, self esteem crushed and destroyed, dazed, glazed and confused, in a fetal position rocking back and forth and sucking her thumb. She will shower over and over and yet still feel unclean in a way that no amount of scrubbing can salve. And all of us will be metaphorically giving the Don a high five and an attaboy, because the bitch has had it coming for a long time now.

The Don will represent for the forgotten White Working Class and restore our rightful place and our pride. He will make America great again and with each painful thrust he will take righteous revenge on our enemies and all who have done us wrong. Of great importance will be the well armed Trump brigades doing heroic poll watching in non-white areas where all the rampant vote fraud takes place. The White Working Class will march forward to glorious victory all over Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and many other states.

We will build the wall. We will bring back jobs. We will round up and deport each and every illegal along with their anchor spawn. We will restore Mens Rights. Transgender freaks will have to stay out of our bathrooms and hide at home where they belong because they will not be allowed to relieve themselves anywhere that is open to the public. Islam will be outlawed. We will quite literally bomb the feces out of all the Mohammetans and take 100% of their oil. The global media and financial elite will be made to heel and learn to be servants rather than masters once again. Anyone involved with an abortion in any way will be punished. We’re going to have the biggest and best military ever, and it will be 100% male and straight. All of our public school children will be taught to speak English Only and pray to Jesus once again.

Gary Johnson will come in 5th place at 0.8% of the vote, behind Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, in that order.


One thought on “Trump that bitch!

  1. The White Man finally is speaking up, talking back, taking names and not putting up with your bullshit any longer. We’re throwing out all the illegal pieces of shit in this country, Our country, and we’ll secure a future for Our people.


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