WTF (AKA Cyberpig) Suggests Robert Milnes or Nathan Norman Run as Democrats

Over at the PLAS Place, entertainer Nathan Norman suggested how activist Robert Milnes could potentially win the White House in 2020:

First join the Democratic Party. Then do something to get major attention like streaking at a sporting event. Then when they interview you announce you are running for president as a Democrat and direct everyone to this website.

Milnes rejected the idea, but “Wahid Tariq Fasil” AKA “Wang Tang Fu” AKA Paulie “Cyberpig” Frankel liked the idea and put out a suggestion of his own:

I sounds like a good plan to me. The Democrats are down to fewer governors and state legislatures than they have had since the 1920s. They are the minority in both houses of Congress and have lost the Presidency. The Republicans will now control most of the appointments on the Supreme Court. They are losing states that they hadn’t lost since 1988 when it comes to the electoral vote. With every election they are losing support in the midwest, and have virtually no hope anywhere in the south or non-coastal west in electoral votes. Their losses are now spreading to the Northeast as well, with Pennsylvania and parts of Maine, and nearly New Hampshire as well, going over to the Republicans. If they don’t take a radical step and nominate someone like Robert Milnes or Nathan Norman, they will become a permanent minority with no power at all, especially when Trump starts his deportations.

Therefore, if Robert Milnes doesn’t take Nathan Norman’s advice, Norman should take his own advice so that he can become the next Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020.


2 thoughts on “WTF (AKA Cyberpig) Suggests Robert Milnes or Nathan Norman Run as Democrats

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