Abraham Zapruder, JFK Assassination Filmer: Another jewish Coincidence?

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

This morning I was watching CBS This Morning. Unfortunately high winds made the picture from my digital antenna bad. But I did gather that they covered the Zapruder film on this the 53rd anniversary of that terrible day(actually the day before). It clicked in my mind that Abraham Zapruder(died from cancer) was probably a jew, judging by his name, like Jack Ruby. I think I will do some further research on my computer.
Much like 9/11, I remember that day well, as most Americans who can remember do. I was in 6th grade. The principal came around crying. Then 2 days later, jew Jack Ruby (Rubenstein, died from cancer) shot ex Marine Lee Harvey Oswald, the ALLEGED assassin, fatally on live tv at the Dallas police station. Note: upon Oswald’s assassination, there would be no trial. Also note: I have written here at The PLAS Place about Oswald, counter alleging…

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