Irregular Times Swept Into the Dustbin of History

The Internet became just a little better recently.  The hate-site Irregular Times has been completely eradicated from the web.  To that, we say, Good Riddance!

Among its crimes against reality, Irregular Times made false claims about the presidential campaign of Nathan Norman.  When exposed to the truth, it refused to retract its lies.  The site went out of its way to demonize Donald Trump, polluting the minds of its readers and causing disunity in the nation.  The site attacked the character of one Robert Milnes, making fun of the fact he suffers from clinical depression.

No longer will Irregular Times minimize the threats posed by Islamic extremists and anti-White terrorists.  No longer will Irregular Times fear monger about global warming and so-called racism.  No longer will Irregular Times impugn the character of noble citizens.

We thank the Internet for ridding us of the rubbish Irregular Times.  It is Karma for IPR-X, the site founded by one who Irregular Times so viciously attacked, to be the first to report on its demise, while IPR remains silent.


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