Praise 2016, the Year of Our People

By all counts and measures, 2016 was a great year.  It was this year the British people finally woke and separated from the globalist EU in favor of the nationalism of Brexit.  It was this year the American people finally woke and rejected the globalism of the Bush-Clinton dynasty in favor of the nationalism of President Elect Trump.

We can expect 2017 to be just as great.  We will inaugurate a new president; one who is a man of his people.  We will build a Great Wall along the Southern Border to keep out the hordes taking our jobs and bringing crime to our streets.  We will respect our police and allow them to do their job so that we can be safe in places like New York and Chicago.  We will cut taxes, cut useless regulations, and raise tariffs on globalist corporations taking our jobs overseas.  In 2017, we will make American great again and because of this new nationalist spirit people will be proud to be American again.

Goodbye 2016.  You were good to us.  But Welcome 2017.  You are full of promise.

Jim Cook: If you voted for Trump, these White Supremacists are your Allies

Originally published at the (now deleted) Andy Jacobs blog:


Unfortunately, shitlib anti-White hatesite Irregular Times, previously believed to have been swept into its rightful place in the dustbin of history, is undead. Fortunately, for their first article after they announced their ghastly return from the grave, ultralibtard Jim Cook offers the following:

If you voted for Trump, these White Supremacists are your Allies.

The documentation that President-Elect Donald Trump is a racist is plentiful. Since the 1970s, when Donald Trump was firmly documented to have actively discriminated against black people seeking an apartment, through the 1980s, when Donald Trump called for five men of color to be summarily executed for crimes they have been proven to have not committed and when Trump actively disfavored black employees in his casinos, to his behavior in the 21st century insisting that the nation’s first black president must have been a foreign-born Muslim and declaring that a judge with Mexican ancestors cannot possibly be impartial, Donald Trump has shown again and again that he is a thinker who sees race and who believes that his role is to champion one race (whites in general and white evangelicals in particular).

All those words and actions were and are good and righteous, and we certainly hope that all the tens of millions of Trump voters do in fact learn that we are their allies for those of them that don’t know it yet, and that anti-White traitors like Jim Cook and Irregular Times are their enemies. Kristallnacht is coming again soon and will be even more fun the second time around, but in the meantime we welcome the help of Jim Cook and anyone else to make sure each and every Trump supporter knows who their allies and enemies are. If you have ideas for getting that message to the widest possible audience feel free to leave them in the comments. It will help us make America great again.

Hail President-Elect God-Emperor Trump! Hail Our People! Hail Victory!

Finding Truth At Urban Dictionary — Chateau Heartiste

Sometimes the truths that society wishes to expunge from mass consciousness are found hidden in the down-voted basements of rogue websites like Urban Dictionary. Reader Tuna comments on one such hidden truth regarding trannyism, The following is the best definition of “transgender” on urban dictionary. It’s pitch-perfect. Obviously it’s down voted into oblivion, and I  thought I’d post it here before it disappears. Too funny:

A mentally-ill man who chops his balls off for attention, injects himself with pregnant horse urine, and stuffs their franken-snatch with a dildo to prevent it from healing shut (because human biology is “transphobic”). They justify this decision on extremely-tenuous “scientific research” where any dissenting psychologist or medical expert is fired/blacklisted if they were ever to question it. They usually suffer from clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and/or schizophrenia.

After transitioning, they will usually kill themselves upon discovering that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. The few that don’t kill themselves eventually de-transition back to their real gender and obtain the real psychiatric help they need, all while being ostracized and marked as a traitor by “tolerant” LGBT groups.

Women trying to be boys supposedly can also be transgender, but about 90% of all trannies are MtF, which should be a red-flag to anyone with a brain …

Continue reading at Finding Truth At Urban Dictionary — Chateau Heartiste

Out With the Riff Raff

It has come to our attention that spammers, mostly spreading homosexual filth, have been taking advantage of our liberal commenting policies here to add comments directing readers to homosexual pornography and propaganda.  This ends now.  Effective immediately, a new policy is enacted to end this practice forever.  IPR-X is a family friendly site suitable for readers of all ages.

For any impressionable readers who may have seen the propaganda I direct you to the article “Gutsense explains why Homosexual intercourse is unhealthy and why the Libertarian Party should not support Homosexual marriage“, it explains why the activities you witnessed should be avoided.

IPR-X is being cleared of riff raff.  This site must remain pure.

Happy New Year, George!

Gracious Dr. George Phillies,

I notice you left a comment for me on the December 2016 Open Thread on IPR  wishing me a Happy New Year.  I sincerely appreciate your very generous note and return the favor.  Happy New Year, George!

I would have returned this favor on IPR itself (I have many ways to get around the futile ban imposed by the Cyberpig), but I am leaving this here since it is very likely you read this site and enjoy it, since, after all, it’s “better than IPR”.

I have also noticed you’ve been making very intelligent comments on IPR recently by countering the Cyberpig’s feeble attempts to malign the President-Elect.  Keep up the good work.  Your efforts serve the greater good.

As we take this journey to start anew, let’s make 2017 the greatest year of our lives.

Your friend,

Citizen Nathan Norman



Billy Roper reviews anti-invader Angry Birds movie


Billy Roper, who sought the Boston Tea Party Presidential nomination in 2012, writes at the Racial Observer:

In the kumbaya kingdom of Bird Island, Red calls out the authorities and the establishment for being fakes and liars, while the cuck-a-doodle-do avians are all shocked by his inappropriate rage. In fact, after exposing a charlatan judge, Red gets sentenced to Anger Management class. He had ruffled the wrong feathers, this time. About then I started thinking that this Finnish-created project was going to melt away into a harmless animated version of an Adam Sandler movie, but I was surprised. You will be, too.

The anger management class is run by a liberal hippie chick. Big whoop, right? But the anthropomorphic fun takes a political turn when strangers show up. They’re green pigs from another island who claim to come in peace, but Red, jaded bird that he is, doesn’t trust them. While the new visitors come preaching brotherhood and acceptance and love, they seem to be hiding just how many of themselves there are, as well as their true intentions. Then, they keep coming, and coming, and coming, ship after ship. The immigrants lull most of the birds into complacency by providing new and exciting entertainment and exotic distractions. The cultural enrichment continues, even after Red and two fellow-doubters begin to uncover the downside of immigration. The bird judge and sheriff bird turn on Red and his friends, chastising them for “making their guests uncomfortable”. The bird sheriff, by the way, looks remarkably like Angela Merkel. A group called “Hamnesty International” starts building homes for the new arrivals. Things get ugly when it’s revealed that the newcomers don’t come in peace seeking a better life after all. In fact, they’re there to steal the most obvious symbols of the birds’ futures, their very bloodline, their eggs.

Read more at the Racial Observer