Monday Entertainment: Golden Years

Two weeks ago I discussed the use of David Bowie’s masterpiece “Station to Station” at this year’s Republican National Convention and how it relates to the election of future President Donald Trump, the savior of the American people and White people in particular.  “Station to Station” was followed by “Golden Years” on the “Station to Station” album. “Golden Years” urges listeners not to be complacent but also to know the Thin White Duke will stand by us for “a thousand years,” the Golden Years.


4 thoughts on “Monday Entertainment: Golden Years

  1. Why are you all worshiping David Bowie on this blog? Aren’t you aware he married a nigress?


    • You are misinformed. You must look beyond skin color and look at skeletal features. Iman has caucasoid features as do many from East Africa. She would rightfully be classified as caucasoid not negroid. Negroids populate West and South Africa.


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