I should be credited as a Producer of the Knapp Stir Podcast

For the past nine episodes of Thomas L. Knapp’s Knapp Stir Podcast, I have served a pivotal role.  In many ways, I should be credited as a producer of the show.  A large majority of the content from these past episodes either comes from me directly or my surrogates on topics I want Knapp to discuss.  This is done through Knapp’s “Thanks for Asking” threads for which he devotes most of the podcast.  Topics I had Knapp discuss included the Thin White Duke David Bowie, 2016 FPP Peace Prize winner and Libertarians for Trump founder Walter Block, conspiracy theorist and possible government agent Andy Jacobs, Cyberpig Paulie Frankel and his failing health, Knapp’s excessive profanity, PLAS Place founder Robert Milnes, and PizzaGate.  Although I started off disliking Knapp, he is starting to grow on me.  Even though I usually disagree with everything he says, I have begun to enjoy his podcasts.  For that reason, I’m proud to be a major contributor.

To better understand this situation, let me go deeper into the backstory.

I first commented on the knappster blog on the October 5 “Thanks for Asking” thread.  I asked a question, it was deleted, and I was banned from the site.  IPR (from which I and many others are banned) has people like Knapp, who think of me as a terrible person since I dared to be different and challenged libertarian orthodoxy.  These people have a hare trigger to ban me where ever I may comment.  On October 9, Knapp discussed me (for the first time I believe) on Episode 99 of the Knapp Stir Podcast, and he was particularly nasty.  As a result, I wrote an article for the Grand Inquirer called “The Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp,” discussing Knapp’s big ego, failures in politics, and questionable activities as an IPR moderator.  Afterwards, Robert Milnes questioned on the October 13 “Thanks for Asking” thread why my October 5 question was censored and left unanswered.  Knapp answered Milnes insufficiently and inaccurately.  During Episode 100 of the Knapp Stir Podcast, Knapp read Milnes’ question, repeated the answer, and then announced that Milnes had been banned from the site.  The next week, as documented at IPR-X, Harry Areola asked a series of questions.  In his answer and on Episode 101, Knapp decreed that anyone who discussed me or Robert Milnes would be banned.  I continued listening to the podcasts and instructed my surrogates to ask certain questions.  I was hoping to find out more about Knapp for new Grand Inquirer story ideas.  The only story I formulated in this time period was “Thomas L. Knapp Goes ‘Full-Retard’,” discussing Knapp’s vote for Gary Johnson and subsequent decision to take a photo of his ballot, in effect making a permanent record of his idiocy.  Nevertheless, as the episodes went on I realized I was actually enjoying the shows.  I began looking forward to Sunday, when the shows came out.  I now know that that is because I have had effective control over the content and for that I thank Knapp.  I thank Knapp for allowing me to make his show entertaining.  For that reason, the knappster blog will now be added to my blogroll.

Enjoy these podcasts for which I should be credited as Producer:



8 thoughts on “I should be credited as a Producer of the Knapp Stir Podcast

  1. “I asked a question, it was deleted, and I was banned from the site.”

    No, you asked a question, it was ANSWERED and you were banned from the site.

    Your sock puppets have subsequently been allowed to continue because the questions they asked 1) are sometimes interesting, and 2) aren’t about e.g. Darryl Perry’s penis, Robert Milnes, etc.

    I don’t have any opinion either way as to whether or not you’re a terrible person. When you decide to act as an annoying and/or offensive troll, I treat you like an annoying and/or offensive troll. When you don’t, I don’t.


    • Had no idea Thomas L. Knapp read this site. That’s a big deal.

      For the record, I did not ask about Darryl’s penis. I asked if you read an article about him posting an image of his penis online.


      • I don’t read this site in the normal course of things. This article showed up in a Google alert so I checked it out.

        Asking if I read an article about Darrly Perry allegedly posting an image of his penis online IS asking me about Darryl Perry’s penis.


    • Tom, what do you think of my call to draft you or your wife and darcy for 2020 pres ticket asap? It is on The plas place.


      • Thanks for your interest. I have no intention of running for president in 2020. I’ve been trying to talk Tamara into running for anything for years, and she says no.


      • No, Tom, not YOU for Prez. You for vp, or Tamara,
        Do me a favor? Ask Darcy and Tamara. Tell them that since you are a loser, you defer to them, ok?


      • Tom, you are like a clueless moron. Don’t you get it? The ZOG is in control. The Zog controlled the election. It manipulated the Russian hackers and Wikipedia. The ZOG did 9/11. Killed Kennedy. Did Pearl Harbor. They have been manipulating me for decades. And you I’m sure. Now they have my father a virtual prisoner in a VA contracted rehab in order to prevent him from helping me. And my Uncle Bill, who “died” recently. I don’t think so. I think he was poisoned and kidnapped and taken to Israel. Dr. Marc Feldman too. And several others.
        All this is written at The PLAS Place. You seem to avoid reading it, as if to avoid opening your eyes. Why is that, Tom?


      • Now I also am being “held” as a virtual prisoner. In a trailer in a trailer park. Granted it is better than living homeless in my rv. I got mild frostbite last winter in my legs and feet. My sister used some $ as my dad;’s power of attorney to buy it and said she would pay the rent, but that is all. Somebody did the math and figured I could survive but little else financially if the rent was paid along with my social security disability. So I suspect her of being in collusion. I have thousands of $ of camping and mining equipment and a partner in CA but I can’t get there. He is the germ warfare victim. He is starting to recover. They “died” his mother and sister I believe. And my exgirlfriend Nancy Benson, PhD. I think they are in Israel also.
        Don’t you get it?


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