IPR finally biting the dust?

From the (now deleted) Andy Jacobs blog:

New articles and comments at IPR have ground to a halt. It appears that the pigs who run IPR are going belly up, quite likely as a result of feeling the heat from Andy Jacobs Blog, IPR-X, and other superior alternatives. Perhaps, the porkers are spooked by rising questions about whether or why they are involved with the Moonman videos. Maybe it’s the evidence about the arrests of cyberpig Paulie Frankel and his fuck buddy Andy Jacobs. Maybe it’s the growing realization that they have lost to the forces of rising pro-White, pro-American politics which will hold them and their fellow traitors and degenerates accountable for all their misdeeds. Perhaps they are busy figuring out how to move to Canada, or Israel, or Brazil. Whatever it is, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they will soon join their fellow turds at Irregular Times in getting flushed down the sewer pipe. Good riddance to bad rubbish!


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