Dying IPR website rises from the grave for one last gasp of foulness

From the (now deleted) Andy Jacobs blog:


Cyberpig Paulie Frankel, government infiltraitor Andy Jacobs, Nathan Norman’s bitch Tom Knapp and a tiny handful of dead-enders brought the dying IPR out of mothballs to cover the only thing which gives their tiny, flaccid members any excitement anymore: the unimaginably boring meeting of the outdated Libertarian National Committee. The only thing the LNC should be doing is voting to dissolve their party now that President Trump, who was and is ardently supported by all real libertarians, will be coming into office. Instead, they are trying to set the world record for the world’s longest circle jerk. You can see how many people give a shit by counting the repeat commenters in the linked IPR thread. These people are dead weight and will be swept aside as we make America great again. And what’s more, they themselves know it, which is why the IPR comment section will be dying down again after this meeting.


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