A Call for a Single Consensus Third Party Ticket for 2020: Richardson/Knapp(Knapp).

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

Start a Draft Richardson/Knapp website asap.
That is, Darcy Richardson/Thomas or Tamara (his wife) Knapp. They were candidates for the Reform party nomination late in the 2016 election cycle.
Richardson is a leftist of some sort. Longtime, well known, well respected and accepted in the third party and libertarian community generally.
Knapp is also longtime, well known and respected in the third party community.
I endorsed Richardson early in the 2016 election cycle as my second choice, to myself, for president. I endorsed Richardson/Knapp for the Reform party nomination as soon as I heard about it.
I also declared my opinion that Richardson/Knapp is, or could be, a fusion (left/progressive right/libertarian) ticket.
The idea is that this ticket could, by getting an early start in the election cycle, get so much support it could get at least one major (Green or Libertarian) third party nomination; perhaps both. Or, in the…

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