Kareem Dreams of a New Roman Empire


The Roman Empire at its height.

In response to the interview of alt-right leader Richard Spencer where he discusses, among other things, his goal of reestablishing the Roman Empire, IPR-X contributor Kareem Caliente, who is of Lebanese and Italo-Argentine descent, had this to say:

I share Spencer’s vision of reestablishing the Roman Empire. I’d love to see Iberia, Gaul, Italy, Dalmatia, Greece, Asia Minor, the Levant, Egypt, and Northern Africa all joined back together under a strong central government based in Rome and Constantinople. This is how peace can be achieved in the region and Islam neutralized. I dream of myself as the emperor, a just yet firm emperor like Justinian the Great. Renovatio imperii becomes a reality in modern times. It’s just a dream, but fun to think about.

mosaic of Justinian I (Ravenna)

Justinian the Great


2 thoughts on “Kareem Dreams of a New Roman Empire

  1. My dream is a reestablishment of the Republic of Texas and/or the Confederacy. I’d love to see the South rise again but my life will not be complete until Texas is independent again with its original borders restored all the way to Wyoming.

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  2. I would love to see the rise of a Fourth Reich, also known as Whitopia.


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