Out With the Riff Raff

It has come to our attention that spammers, mostly spreading homosexual filth, have been taking advantage of our liberal commenting policies here to add comments directing readers to homosexual pornography and propaganda.  This ends now.  Effective immediately, a new policy is enacted to end this practice forever.  IPR-X is a family friendly site suitable for readers of all ages.

For any impressionable readers who may have seen the propaganda I direct you to the article “Gutsense explains why Homosexual intercourse is unhealthy and why the Libertarian Party should not support Homosexual marriage“, it explains why the activities you witnessed should be avoided.

IPR-X is being cleared of riff raff.  This site must remain pure.


5 thoughts on “Out With the Riff Raff

  1. Ever consider some of this shit might come from resident fag Marlon Areola?


    • I don’t know. Maybe. I’ve rejected many of the weird articles he purposes for publication. Maybe he’s bitter.


      • Moses must be our resident bigot. LOL!

        I’m not bitter! And I didn’t make any of those comments. Actually I didn’t see them but I wish I did because they sound hawt! LOL!

        I don’t mind if you post my articles or not but you really should post something about Russia hacking our elections and everything Assad and Putin have done in Aleppo. These are serious issues.


  2. Did you see the latest from his website? This guy is sick with the faggotry. He posted an image of a tattoo of Donald Trump engaged in fellatio. He posts love letters to Andy Jacobs. Worst yet, he wrote an article praising Lindsey Graham with bogus establishment talking points about Russia “hacking our elections.” This guy needs to be removed as a contributor. He may be your friend but he’s lost his grip on reality.


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