Jim Cook: If you voted for Trump, these White Supremacists are your Allies

Originally published at the (now deleted) Andy Jacobs blog:


Unfortunately, shitlib anti-White hatesite Irregular Times, previously believed to have been swept into its rightful place in the dustbin of history, is undead. Fortunately, for their first article after they announced their ghastly return from the grave, ultralibtard Jim Cook offers the following:

If you voted for Trump, these White Supremacists are your Allies.

The documentation that President-Elect Donald Trump is a racist is plentiful. Since the 1970s, when Donald Trump was firmly documented to have actively discriminated against black people seeking an apartment, through the 1980s, when Donald Trump called for five men of color to be summarily executed for crimes they have been proven to have not committed and when Trump actively disfavored black employees in his casinos, to his behavior in the 21st century insisting that the nation’s first black president must have been a foreign-born Muslim and declaring that a judge with Mexican ancestors cannot possibly be impartial, Donald Trump has shown again and again that he is a thinker who sees race and who believes that his role is to champion one race (whites in general and white evangelicals in particular).

All those words and actions were and are good and righteous, and we certainly hope that all the tens of millions of Trump voters do in fact learn that we are their allies for those of them that don’t know it yet, and that anti-White traitors like Jim Cook and Irregular Times are their enemies. Kristallnacht is coming again soon and will be even more fun the second time around, but in the meantime we welcome the help of Jim Cook and anyone else to make sure each and every Trump supporter knows who their allies and enemies are. If you have ideas for getting that message to the widest possible audience feel free to leave them in the comments. It will help us make America great again.

Hail President-Elect God-Emperor Trump! Hail Our People! Hail Victory!


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