MSM is fake news, can’t stump Trump


Dude in comments at the Saturnalian:

He’s just mad because Mr. Trump won. Over at his website he is spreading lies about the Russians stealing the election. As I told Milnes on his site,

The whole “Russian inspired” or “influenced” BS is purely imaginary. It’s one in a sorry series of excuses by the Clintons why they lost the elections rather than looking at their failed policies and corrupt candidate, or realizing that Mr. Trump and his ideas connected with the voters and can actually do exactly what they set out to, which is make America great again.

The Clintons tried to steal the election with their biased media, their attempted manipulation of the rules, and their millions of votes by ineligible illegals (especially in California but also in many other states), but none of it could overcome the overwhelming tide of popular support for Donald Trump, the people’s champion. Now they are trying to deligitimize his election with laughable lies about the Russians. Don’t believe them for one second.

There’s no evidence the Russians even tried to change the outcome of the US election, much less that they succeeded in doing so. Trump won fair and square. Clintonites want to blame the Russians, the FBI, third party candidates…anyone except themselves. But the reality is that President Elect Trump said things a lot of people had been waiting a long time to hear, and they enthusiastically voted for him and overwhelmingly elected him to do exactly what he promised during his campaign. It’s as simple as that and that’s all there is to it.

There’s not going to be any do-over, not until 4 years from now, when President Trump will win a second term by an even bigger margin. Either jump on board the Trump train and celebrate, get the hell out of the way, or piss and moan on the tracks while that train runs right over you; it’s your choice. What you are not going to do is stop the Trump train!


20 thoughts on “MSM is fake news, can’t stump Trump

  1. I am not pro Trump OR pro Clinton. As far as I am concerned, the American elections are a farce, unreliable, worthless. I don’t care who steals it. It’s worthless.
    MAYBE,,,MAYBE a do-over-on a level playing field-Top Ten- might be worthy.


  2. Me a ZOG puppet? LOL!
    You and pussy grabbing boob DJT are far more likely ZOG puppets than I am.


    • You are the perfect anti-ZOG posterboy the ZOG would want. An old, unattractive mental patient who believes he is time traveling every time he jerks off and who livestreams himself jerking off for the internet. What more could the ZOG ask for?


  3. I do not livestream jerking off for the internet. I have no livestream capability. I perform in front of my tv which the ZOG has under surveillance and livestreams-evidently. Just ask any major media person. If you can get the truth out. Good luck there. They would have to admit to a huge surveillance capability. To peer into any household via their tv at will.


  4. I do not jizz on tvs.
    Live broadcasts. Especially morning news. Especially regularly scheduled.
    So, producers, anchors, reporters. Also guest reporters or specialists on the live shows.
    So, ask network executives, CBS Rhodes brothers, anchors, Scott Pelley, Lester Holt, Matt Lauer (Lauer power/jew) reporters, and also print media who guest appearance on live tv.
    Then ask whoever controls/owns the media.
    The ZOG.


    • You just listed a bunch of guys. Isn’t it kind of gay to jack off to them?


      • This has already been written about in The Saturnalian.
        I do not presently get cable tv which limits my selections.
        There are far more men anchors and reporters than women.
        I address my audience to all ladies watching. I do not like to single any out publicly. But I do privately.


  5. Before he died, Marlon Areola claimed he watched your shows. He said you cummed all over the TV and messed up the feed.


  6. Old trolls never die. They just fade away.


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