Commutation of Private Bradley Manning

I don’t have any problem with (soon-to-be-former) President Obama commuting the sentence of Private Bradley Manning.  As a whistleblower Manning did the right thing in sending documents to Wikileaks exposing the stupid Obama-Bush (ObamaBush) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, this commutation likely happened only because Manning is a so-called “transgender.”  Over at IPR, Andy Jacobs said it best:

My guess is that since Chelsea/Bradley Manning is a transgender, Obama probably got pressured by the LGBTQ lobby, which has a lot of influence in the Democratic Party. The fact remains that Manning sat in prison for several years, and he/she should have never been put in there in the first place.

It is sad that under the captivity of Obama, Manning was tortured and brainwashed into believing himself a woman.  This is the real tragedy that everyone is overlooking.  Those of you who continue to refer to him as “her” or “Chelsea” are just helping to spread Obama’s perverse propaganda and crimes against humanity.

The man’s name is Bradley and he is a he.  Soon he will be free.



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