Petition: Fire Katie Rich!

Fat slob Katie Rich, a writer for the unfunny NBC show Saturday Night Live did a Tweet about young Barron Trump during Friday’s inauguration that was so disgusting we will not republish it here. A petition has opened to urge NBC to fire Rich for her behavior. It has over 12,000 signers thus far and is rapidly rising.

Barron is a good kid who does not deserve to be subjected to Rich’s bullying. We were all enchanted as Barron posed for photos, played with his nieces and nephews, and gave off a cool vibe during the inaugural ceremonies.  In the coming years we’ll watch him in the White House grow into a strapping young man.

Rich cowardly deleted her Twitter account to avoid criticism over her Tweet and has not even apologized. However, an apology will not be enough.  If NBC doesn’t fire Rich, we will boycott NBC and Saturday Night Live forever. Justice must be done.


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