The Death of Libertarianism

Libertarianism was cool for a little while. It brought us Ron and Rand Paul, a way to oppose stupid wars without being leftist and a message that made us all feel good inside. Then we all witnessed as it became unworkable. A doofus stoner became the standard bearer, and embarrased himself and the movement. The “Libertarian” Party turned into a hotbed of social justice warriors and homosexuals. It cheered as the Supreme Court forced Americans to subsidize sodomy and ignored the real issues of illegal immigration, crime, and White genocide.

In the past year or so many of us abandoned libertarianism. Something better took its place. The frog emoji replaced the porcupine.  We started frequenting 4chan instead of Reason. And we all shaved our beards, cut our hair and got fashy haircuts. The Alt-Right was born when libertarianism died.

Many libertarians still don’t know their movement is dead. But it’s over. It died when it abandoned its base, the educated White men of America.  IPR and others still parade the corpse of libertarianism around with sunglasses as if it lives. But it’s starting to stink and it’s getting really sad. That’s the difference between IPR and IPR-X. We recognize reality while IPR is stuck in the past.

IPR readers and contributors, please bury the body. I ask you to join us here at IPR-X. We are the present and the future.

10 thoughts on “The Death of Libertarianism

  1. Have you tried to recruit Chris Lesiak? He seems like a very bright young man with a great deal of potential. IPR kicked him out for not being politically correct. He could make a great addition to IPR-X.


  2. You might ought to sign Andy Jacobs up too. He is kicking some serious dhimmi ass on IPR open thread today and all but saying the 14 words.


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