Press Conference for the Ages

Donald Trump destroyed the Lügenpresse today in an epic press conference that will long be remembered:

#TrumpPressConference trending all day long


11 thoughts on “Press Conference for the Ages

  1. LOL! This presser may have been the turning point against the pussy grabbing BOOB. Harward reportedly decided to not replace Flynn upon seeing this ridiculous performance. I hope the military backed by First Responders take over, as I have suggested.


  2. The military loves Honor. Trump brings dishonor.
    The military loves USA. Trump flirts with Russia and Israel.
    The military loves national security. Harward refused to join without changes-Bannon must go.
    The military loves rationality. Trump is batshit crazy.
    The military loves the Earth. Trump is anti EPA.


  3. Who is the leftist PC commie idiot and why does he hate White folk? Trump is making America great again and only race traitors, Homeland traitors and alien races oppose him.


  4. I am not a commie.
    I am not an idiot.
    I do not hate “white folk”.
    I am not a race traitor.
    I am not a Homeland traitor.
    I am not of an alien race.
    Hey, I thought all you right wingnuts hated jews and Israel? Trump is surrounded by jews and loves Israel.
    He has jews on him like flies on shit.
    His daughter married a jew and converted and has 3 children, Trump’s half jewish grandchildren.
    A LOT of his associates are jewish, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin etc.


  5. God-Emperor Trump has a temporary alliance with right wing Khazar Jews. The goal is to get the Khazar Jews out of the US, and the remaining few out of Russia, former soviet nations, Europe and the Muslim world, and at the same time remove Muslims and predominantly Muslim ethnicities out of the US, Europe, Russia and other White nations.

    What’s in it for right wing Khazar Jews: Israel has a looming demographic problem. The Arab/Muslim population is outbreeding the Khazar/Jew population, even without counting the Occupied Territories the Khazars will soon find themselves outvoted in what they consider to be “their” country. There are no more large population of Khazar Jews left in the world except in Israel and the US, so the only way to get more Khazar Jews to Israel is to have a mass exodus of Khazar Jews from the US. Khazar Jews won’t feel welcome in an emerging White Nationalist ethno-state. Neither will Muslims, Arabs, Pakis, and so on. Eventually, they will be encouraged to self-deport or be deported en masse. Israel will then have put off its demographic date with destiny.

    What’s in it for Whites: This should be obvious. We get our countries back. For the first time in many centuries, White nations will be rid of both Muslims and Khazar Jews. In the US we will also turn back the invasions of Mestizos, Chinamen and other orientals. Perhaps we can even ship all the negroes back to Africa if we can’t put them back into slavery. Muslims and Khazar Jews can then be free to make war on each other in their own part of the world. If we are really, really lucky, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina will all get nuked and the world will finally be rid of the scourges of Judaism and Islam once and for all. As an added bonus, we will also get rid of feminism, open faggotry, race-mixing, communism, liberalism, and all the other social diseases spread by Khazar Jews in White nations. And, we will have law and order, with Negroid, Mestizo and Muslim criminal gangs and terrorists put in their place without the coddling they get thanks to liberal and commie Khazars.

    Why it had to be done: President Trump is wise to the ways of the Khazar Jews. He grew up in their stronghold of Jew York City. He knew that he could never rise to power without making a temporary alliance with right wing Khazars to help them prevail over moronic liberal Khazars who deny race reality and believe Israel can make peace with Arabs/Muslims through the intervention of a liberal world order led by a Khazar-dominated USA and that Whites, negroes, Muslims, alien races and Khazar Jews can all coexist peacefully in Europe and the US in a Khazar Jew led liberal world order.

    And why not make such a temporary alliance if it makes it possible to be elected and sworn in to power, and then proceed to create the policies needed to Make America Great Again and Make Europe Great Again?

    Trump’s love of the White Race is so great that he even sacrificed some of his own children by his ex-wives and allowed them to mix with Khazar Jews, which would be the only way KJ-ZOG would allow him to rise to power. Barron Trump is his true imperial legacy, not the children of his ex-wives who are now tainted by Khazar Jew blood.

    Let us all praise the wisdom of God-Emperor Trump and wait eagerly for the day when all the Khazar Jews and Muslims are in the middle east, killing each other off and leaving White nations alone.


  6. There are only 20 million jews in the world.
    Where did they get so much power that demi god Trump has to finagle his way to power?
    Why doesn’t he just erect his penis and club them all?


  7. 4,000 years of world domination by deception and manipulation aren’t ended overnight. Before they can be nuked, or better yet convinced to exchange nuclear warheads with the capitals of Islam, they need to be put within the same blast radius in Israel. And that takes some prep work. Hitler didn’t fire up the ovens in his first month, either.


  8. Sloppy.
    True, the jews have a low birth rate. Associated with a high standard of living.
    Again, where did the jews get all this money and power?
    They have solved that problem in usa. Targeted knocking up of young, pretty, fair, often rich white women by jewish men. e.g. Ivanka, Chelsea, Caroline Kennedy Savanna Guthrie etc.
    Your nuclear exchange will have to include Teheran and Baghdad. Even then, leaving aside the contamination of the Earth, you are going to hit a lot of non muslims and jews and miss a lot of them. What then?


  9. Destroy Mecca and Medina, and Muslims everywhere will lose faith as their moon-rock god is vaporized.


  10. “Again, where did the jews get all this money and power?”

    What don’t you understand? 4,000 years of plotting, stealing, fraud, deception, manipulation, cheating, lies, usury. There are whole libraries of books on this subject.


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