And the Oscar Goes To . . .


President Donald Trump for working to Make America Great Again.

Rather than watching the Academy Awards tonight, take part in the Trump Twitter Rally starting at 8:00 eastern.

Thanks to @FrenchForTrump for the graphic.


7 thoughts on “And the Oscar Goes To . . .

  1. Of course I’m not going to watch a multi-hour infomercial, but Twitter? Twitter is for people who can’t spell, write complete sentences or resist the “impulse buy” items at the checkout stand. I won’t be there either.


  2. Marty, you’re a pervert. That’s why you always watch Robert Milnes’ jerk off videos. Disgusting.

    Mikey, I mostly agree. There’s got to be some balance with social media and the real world. I like hunting and fishing every once and a while.


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