The Most Productive Day of the Month

I noticed at work yesterday March 8 that employees were more productive and spent less time chit chatting and wasting time.  In fact, more work was accomplished on that day than any other day this month.  However, today employees were back to their usual low level production and wasteful behavior. What accounted for this difference?

I asked a coworker this question.  What he told me made it all clear. Apparently yesterday feminists decided to stay home from work. They wanted to show how valuable they are and how much they would be missed. From what I saw, it had the opposite effect.  The lack of feminists actually improved production and morale.

The feminists have shown us that we are all much better off when they stay home and tend to household duties such as cooking, cleaning, and childrearing.  Thank you for making this point so clear.


2 thoughts on “The Most Productive Day of the Month

  1. Where do you work? The government troll center?


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