Music Monday: In the Jailhouse Now

This one is dedicated to former President Obama


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: In the Jailhouse Now

  1. The Horrible Truth About Cyberpig Paulie Frankel
    Paulie Defined (Urbandictionary):


  2. A few years ago, up in Trump Tower
    a plan was made; a plan for White Power

    First, questions were raised about Obongo’s birth
    When the Don said he’d run, many dismissed it with mirth

    But soon the GOP experienced a hostile takeover
    And before too long the White House got a Whitening makeover

    The fake news left wing media found it most unexpected
    and cried on TV as Mr. Trump was elected

    Did Putin help? The FBI? Jesus? Kek?
    One thing for sure, Trump is in full effect

    The White House is now the command center of the White Race
    and slowly but surely the plan falls into place!

    Soon, all the brown people will be sent to the showers
    And the whole world will be under the thumb of White Power!


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