You Wanna Rumble?

Over at IPR, master debater Andy Jacobs issues a challenge to yours truly:

If Nathan Norman has the balls to show up and debate me somewhere, and have it put on video and posted online, tell him to go for it.

I happen to have very large testicles, so I emailed an image of my scrotum to Andy so he can see what he’s dealing with.  I accept his debate challenge.

We shall debate pressing political topics such as space exploration, energy pacts and political realignment.  I don’t entirely know Andy’s position on these matters but I believe I can bring him over to my points of view since we already agree on such major issues as illegal immigration, Moslems, and the preservation of the White race.

Let’s go Andy.  Let’s work this out. When will you be near Scranton?  Where would you like to hold the event?  And what political issues would you like to add to the program?

I eagerly await your response and look forward to our debate.

14 thoughts on “You Wanna Rumble?

  1. Challenge Andy to debate you here; an exchange of comments on this blog, this very post, since you, Norman needle dick, are banned from IPR.


    • I just emailed you an image of my penis so you can clearly see it is not a “needle”.

      I will debate Andy in real life. He challenged you as well but maybe he doesn’t realize there’s a difference between a master debater and a masturbator.


  2. I certainly wouldn’t want to be seen in public with you.
    I thought that was a picture of a 3″ overcooked noodle.


  3. Andy has been having some problems with his email. You should try calling him at 702-785-4738 (cell) and 501-758-5100 rm 201 (motel).


  4. Milnes, will you be challenging Andy to a debate also? You should call both his phones if so.


    • I could be talked into challenging Andy and you to a debate here or at The PLAS Place or at IPR with special permission from jewish owner Warren Solomon.
      Phone calls? Count me out.


  5. Me? LOL I’m no master debater bud. I will leave than one to the pro’s. Now as for the call… I was mostly talking to Nathan… and readers if there are any. Andy is being attacked by the deep state and antifa, they are erasing his emails… if any of you are trying to reach him you should give him a call. But make sure you call him at the room too because sometimes the deep state and the commie antifa terrorists attack his cell phone also.


  6. Call him on both phones….neither one works all the time… clearly he is being attacked by the derp state.


  7. What’s with all the crickets over here?


  8. It’s probably because no one has called Andy yet. He went up to Ohio so you can only call the cell phone now.


  9. What are you babbling about Robert? Have you called Andy yet? Have you written his number on ever public toilet wall you have come across with a “for a good time call”? Have you submitted it to all sorts of contact lists, adult classified ads, etc etc? That number in case you forgot is 702-785-4738. Spread it around as much as you can, the more the better.


  10. WTF, Go to jai;. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 dollars.


  11. Don’t be such a pussy, you won’t get caught.


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