Interesting word.  Something the Lügenpresse attached to President Trump just to shock the public and blame the President.  Little Dicky Durban used it publicly to shame Trump.  Of course, every time Durban opens his mouth, he shames himself.  Speaking of open mouths, Lindsey Grahamnesty confirms Trump used the word.   Better be careful about the words you use Lindsey.

The Lügenpresse and Deep State want you to believe Shithole is an incendiary/racist (and probably sexist, homophobic, and transphobic) word.  So what?  Shithole is a reality. Many people in Haiti, Central America, and most African countries don’t have toilets or running water.  They defecate in holes they dig in the ground, literally shitholes.

We don’t want or need the poverty, idiocy, or disease these people carry into our country.

We want people from Nordic countries.  We want people from Ireland, the UK, France, and Germany.  We want people from Baltic countries and Russia.

If immigration is a necessity we have places to draw from.  Of course, the Deep State does not want immigration for economic reasons.  It wants to replace the population with simple minded people it can submit to its will.

That is what the current immigration “debate” is all about.

2 thoughts on “Shithole

  1. Much of what you say here is legit. But.

    You want people from Russia? WTF is wrong with you? They have literal shitholes all over Russia and the rest of the former iron curtain nations too, and their DNA is thoroughly polluted by centuries of wave after wave of Mongoloid invasion and occupation. Plus, all the best looking Slavic girls were repeatedly whored out to Khazar capitalists before the Russian Revolution and since the collapse of the USSR, and raped over and over by Khazar commiesars in between.

    I thought you were a Nordicist who recognized that Slavs are not White? Why do you want these half-mongoloids in Our countries?!


    • There are many great Aryan women from Russia such as Maria Sharapova. We need be friendly toward our Russian brothers and sisters to ensure success of our joint fracking project in Siberia.


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