One thought on “It’s Too Late

  1. Cyberpig must have saw this. He writes at the other place:

    “This poison was artificially injected into the libertarian movement by Rothbard, Rockwell and their followers starting in the 1980s and it needs to be cut out of the libertarian movement completely and immediately like the life-threatening malignant cancer that it is. There can be no peaceful coexistence between libertarianism and fascist, collectivist blood and soil pigshit which is being imported by a conspiracy of “paleo” “libertarians,” cryptofascists and out in the open nazis in order to conquer, overwhelm and ideologically interbreed libertarianism out of existence. The “paleo” tendency must immediately be recognized and treated as a life threatening parasitic infection and radical treatment to remove it is called for immediately, with no assurance of success, as it may well already be to late.”

    Like this article says, “it’s too late. ” Haha.


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