TMZ comment scientifically explains why Whites are more attractive


Beth Lily

Posted by The Game is the Game on the TMZ article GENIE BOUCHARD

It is a scientific fact that pale skin is more attractive …it’s
The explanation as to why the Caucasian race spread so rapidly across europe … faster than any other pigmented race … darker skinned people’s coming out of Africa into lower Europe were more attracted to the pale skin and bright haired people’s that had already escaped from Africa way before them. … those darker skinned people sought out the pale skin and bright hair bc they were more attracted to them… what can you do .. it’s the way it is

J’Adore Celebrates White Supremacy


J’adore celebrates the supremacy and aesthetic beauty of White women with its ad starring Aryan Boer beauty Charlize Theron.

The 60 second ad shows Theron emerge topless from a Roman bath with lesser women subservient.  The other women follow Theron as she walks away, symbolizing the supremacy of the Aryan race.

It is great to see an advertisement strike against White genocide, specifically celebrating a woman from a country on the front line of the worldwide struggle, where the corrupt and incompetent ruling black majority wishes to eradicate the white farmers (from the same gene pool as Theron) who are keeping the nation afloat.

Celebrate Genetic Superiority

A couple weeks ago, we introduced  you to Beth Lily, the personification of the 14 words, a walking, talking reminder for why the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.  Yesterday, she released a new vlog.

In this latest vlog, Beth tries on bathing suits ahead of an upcoming visit to Orlando.  In the process, she showcases her genetic superiority.

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The 14 Words Personified

The vlog below may simply document mundane, everyday things, but more importantly it demonstrates the living, breathing purpose behind the 14 words.  What you see is the reason the 14 words exist.  It is why we fight so hard to end White genocide.

Take note also of the beauty of the wildlife at the Zoo and why we must preserve the environment as well.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

To help end White genocide, check out the American Freedom Party and get involved today.

The Oracle of Ørmen, Part II


On the day of execution the new arises from the gallows.  Everything dies again to create anew.  The cycle continues and continues.  Like Ymir, Ask and Embla went Blackstar.  Their offspring and all successive generations did likewise.  Through the tilted order of life and death the Nordic race of man multiplied within the boundaries of Midgard, as fate would have it.


This path correlates to, but does not necessarily mirror, the runes the Norns carved at the base of Yggdrasil, the universal ash tree.  Only women kneel and smile, at the centre of it all.  The Norn’s runes provoke even the most powerful of the ancient Nordic astronauts.  Odin sought the wisdom of the runes and sacrificed an eye to acquire them.  Sacrifices must be made in order to obtain what we desire.


You must sacrifice your eyes so that you may truly see.

All is there.  Fate is nearly sealed.  We must strive to find Truth before our time expires.  Look within ourselves to see it all.

The Oracle of Ørmen

Hallo.  Mitt Navn Er Magnus, the Oracle of Ørmen.

In the villa of Ørmen stands a solitary candle.  The light upon my eyes implants a vision.


Billions of years ago, the Giant Ymir went Blackstar.  From his remains formed the Milky Way and eventually the Earth.  Many years later, rains fell upon the Earth and spawned two Ash trees.  When the trees died their trunks fell into the sea.  Ancient Nordic Astronauts Vili, Vé, and their leader Odin discovered the trunks washed ashore and used them to craft the first Nordic human beings, the male Ask and the female Embla.  The Astronauts endowed the beings with life, animation, intelligence, speech, and the senses.  They were placed in Midgard, in the centre of it all, with the protection of a great wall from the savages who roamed the Earth.


Your eyes