2017: A Year of Exciting New Developments

First of all, Happy New Year to all of my fellow Citizens. 2017 will be a year of new, exciting developments for IPR-X.

Let me list a few:

  • We will introduce new writers we have recently signed including Lester Fulcrum, Ghost of Fillmore, and others.
  • The Millard Fillmore Remembrance Project will begin.
  • The IPR-X podcast with AMA (ask me anything) will be launched soon.
  • Your current favorites such as Monday Entertainment, the Oracle of Ørmen, political news, and the interesting updates from Andy Jacobs and Robert Milnes will all return.

Exciting times are upon us.

Praise 2017, the year of Trump!

Hail Trump, Hail Our People!

Praise 2016, the Year of Our People

By all counts and measures, 2016 was a great year.  It was this year the British people finally woke and separated from the globalist EU in favor of the nationalism of Brexit.  It was this year the American people finally woke and rejected the globalism of the Bush-Clinton dynasty in favor of the nationalism of President Elect Trump.

We can expect 2017 to be just as great.  We will inaugurate a new president; one who is a man of his people.  We will build a Great Wall along the Southern Border to keep out the hordes taking our jobs and bringing crime to our streets.  We will respect our police and allow them to do their job so that we can be safe in places like New York and Chicago.  We will cut taxes, cut useless regulations, and raise tariffs on globalist corporations taking our jobs overseas.  In 2017, we will make American great again and because of this new nationalist spirit people will be proud to be American again.

Goodbye 2016.  You were good to us.  But Welcome 2017.  You are full of promise.

Happy New Year, George!

Gracious Dr. George Phillies,

I notice you left a comment for me on the December 2016 Open Thread on IPR  wishing me a Happy New Year.  I sincerely appreciate your very generous note and return the favor.  Happy New Year, George!

I would have returned this favor on IPR itself (I have many ways to get around the futile ban imposed by the Cyberpig), but I am leaving this here since it is very likely you read this site and enjoy it, since, after all, it’s “better than IPR”.

I have also noticed you’ve been making very intelligent comments on IPR recently by countering the Cyberpig’s feeble attempts to malign the President-Elect.  Keep up the good work.  Your efforts serve the greater good.

As we take this journey to start anew, let’s make 2017 the greatest year of our lives.

Your friend,

Citizen Nathan Norman