When Post-Libertarianism Becomes the New Libertarianism


I noticed a while back Cyberpig Paulie Frankel expressed a desire to cede the “Libertarian” name to the Alt-Right.  He feels the strong Alt-Right presence in the Libertarian Party and its support of President Donald Trump has caused the term to be too closely associated with the Right.  Cyberpig now wants his views to be labeled as “Liberal.”  This makes perfect sense since “Liberal” fits best with the weird hybrid SJW/Anarchist views he espouses under his IPR persona.

This all got me thinking.  A few months ago, I declared Libertarianism dead.  I saw many previous libertarians like Stefan Molyneux, Richard Spencer, Chris Cantwell, and Augustus Invictus take the logical step after libertarianism to the Alt-Right.  But if many post-libertarians remain part of the Libertarian Party, doesn’t that mean they actually become the libertarians?

I am now rethinking my decision to leave the Libertarian Party.  If being Libertarian now means accepting reality, i.e. people have equal rights but not all races, cultures, religions or genders have equal value, then count me back in.  I am currently a member of the American Freedom Party and the Modern Whig Party, but these parties don’t seem to be going anywhere.  I am seriously considering rejoining the Libertarian Party and perhaps, once more, seeking its presidential nomination.  We’ll see how it goes.


Heartwarming Message from the Modern Whig Party


I received this heartwarming message from the Modern Whig Party.  As everyone knows, I am a potential 2020 presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party (see politics1.com).  Perhaps I will seek the Whig nomination as well and serve as a Whig president like Millard Fillmore.

Nathan —

The news around the country in August and September has been full of natural disasters and man-made tragedies. Shootings in Nevada, record rains in Texas, wildfires in the northwest, and major storms hitting Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Please keep all of the folks affected in your thoughts and prayers. These events have all had a major impact on families and individuals. They need to know someone cares. I especially ask that you keep the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in mind during the recovery efforts as the worst is still yet to come for them. On the Gulf and Atlantic coasts we know we can depend upon others to come to the disaster scene quickly, driving on our excellent interstate system and bringing in supplies, utility crews, and rescuers. Obviously, no one can drive to these islands making recovery especially slow and difficult. We need to be ready to help in ways that may be quite different from other disasters on the mainland. In particular, we may see a large number of evacuees. If you can, be sure to make them feel welcome if they arrive in your area. Help in any way you can.

Because of the number and severity of these events, we are reconsidering the idea of starting a charitable organization to help in situations like this. WhigWorks was almost a reality a few years ago. If we start it up, we would want it to incorporate the principles and values of our party. It would not be just another charity for relief, but would have a Whig twist in that it could help others prepare for disasters as well as recover from them. It may also have a focus on making sure our veterans were not forgotten. I would like to hear what you think of the idea of bringing it to life and how we can implement it at chair@modernwhig.org

For ballot access, we are still on track to circulate petitions in Michigan. Utah is already collecting signatures. If you would like to help email michigan@modernwhig.org or utah@modernwhig.org

A lot is going on in Washington State as they begin to organize. They are going through the membership information, sorting through it, and trying to contact old members using any information they have. If you can send them some encouragement, or if you live in Washington, give them some of your time to help the party take root there. washington@modernwhig.org

As many of you have noted, we have added three new surveys and a section for Modern Whig Principles to the website. We have also compiled results for previous surveys. Please visit these pages if you have not already. http://action.modernwhig.org/principles and http://action.modernwhig.org/surveys

A new blog article was just published by Lee Myers entitled “A More Perfect Union”. You can read it at http://action.modernwhig.org/blog Lee issues a call to “trade up” from our current lineup of politicians that keep fumbling the ball.

Most of you know about our Whig Store and have purchased items to help raise awareness of our party. If you haven’t, please follow the two links below and have a look. Feedback on the options presented is welcome as well.


With campaigns about to start, we need to bulk up our funds for printing materials. This is our major expense folks and any help you can lend will be appreciated. Please click here to donate.

On the subject of 2018, I would like to ask all of you again to help us find local candidates to run for office. We need candidates for school boards, city council, judges, state legislatures and other offices where the total number of voters is near or under 20,000. We think we can reach all of those voters before elections with our message and convince them we will represent them well. Candidates should of course represent the party well by being moderate, of good character, and who will serve their constituents with courage and common sense solutions. I would like to add a number of office seekers to our candidate’s page. Please help us out with this. This is your party. You will get out of it what you put into it.

Dale Ritchie
National Chair
Modern Whig Party

Modern Whig Party

Three Ways

Over at IPR, Nate gave his two cents on what the Libertarian Party can do for its presidential ticket in 2020. For those of you hanging on to libertarianism, which Nathan Norman declared as dead, here’s some good ideas:

I see three ways for the Libertarians to go in 2020

1. Nominate anarchist neckbeard. Beg for money to get him to libertarian dinner clubs around the country. Raise enough to make it to some of them. Disappoint the rest . Do lots of podcast interviews with 40 year old virgins and literally dozens of listeners. End up with 0.2%, completely irrelevant to result. Congratulate each other for finally nominating a “real libertarian.” Trump wins all 50 states, loses only in DC.

2. Nominate William Weld. Do better than ever before. Split the liberal vote. Help Trump win all 50 states, losing only DC.

3. Recognize the reality that most libertarians actually support President Trump. Co-nominate the President for re-election. Focus on local races they may actually have some chance to win. Trump wins 50 states, loses only DC. Filibuster-proof Republican majority in the Senate. Huge Republican majority in the House. Republican control of state houses and Governorships up to 40 plus by this time. Trump nominees revolutionizing the judiciary branch. Military and police firmly behind the Commander in Chief, and he firmly behind them. ISIS, Mestizo invaders, China, Democrats, liberals, criminals, looters, rioters, communists, feminists, BLM, and other enemies of the USA and the West all being routed everywhere you look. Trump, Putin, LePen, Farange and friends leading the Euro-American alliance to glorious victory.

Andy Jacobs is aggressively against option #2, he wrote:

Jesus-fucking-Christ! Shun, ban, what the fuck difference does it make? How about kick his ass out of the party? Do I have to be any more blunt? If Weld shows his mug at another LP meeting, call the Hans-Hermannn Hoppe physical removal service. Burn his membership card and remove his name from the list of party members. This guy is a toxic establishment scumbag who massively screwed the party and the cause over on multiple occasions. Keeping him around and giving him another chance to screw us sends the message that we are the world’s biggest suckers, which will attract more con-men like him. So to hell with this guy.


Bill Weld AKA Weld my Johnson

Politics1.com Recognizes Nathan Norman as Potential 2020 Presidential Candidate

Premier election site Politics1.com has recognized Nathan Norman as a potential 2020 presidential candidate.  His name is listed under the header INDEPENDENT, OTHER & WRITE-IN CANDIDATES with “American Freedom Party-Pennsylvania” in parentheses.  A link goes to his Twitter page.

“It’s a great honor to be mentioned as a possible candidate,” says Norman who ran as a Libertarian in 2016, “I totally agree with the principles of the American Freedom Party.”

The American Freedom Party takes an alt-right stance on the issues and supports the interests of European-Americans. Norman has previously hinted he may run for the party’s nomination.  His 2016 campaign website currently features the logo of the American Freedom Party and teases, “2020 ???? Stay tuned for updates . . .”

“I really hope he runs,” says Moses Austwin, a longtime associate of Norman who worked on his 2016 campaign, “He’s got the skill, the energy, and the balls to make 2020 a meaningful race and push the interests of White people to the forefront.”

Norman was a strong supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 general election.  It is not known how Trump’s potential re-election plans may affect Norman’s decision to run.


Anyone Have Info on This Strange Meme?

I did a Google image search of “Robert Milnes for President” to learn more about a potential ally, adversary, or running mate for my potential 2020 presidential campaign: Robert Milnes,  owner of the PLAS Place.  Surprisingly, the second image to pop up in the search was a very strange meme:

Does anyone have any information on who the man is in the meme? He does not look well.  I do not believe that is Robert Milnes.

Anyone have any idea why the meme was created or why it is the second most popular result in a Google image search?

If you know anything please comment below.

Nathan Norman Discusses Presidential Ambitions on Twitter

Nathan Norman responded on Twitter to the IPR-X exclusive I broke on Sunday about Norman possibly running again for president in 2020 as a Democrat:

This confirms Norman will not run as a Democrat in 2020 but remains open to running as the presidential nominee of the American Freedom Party, which uses the @American3rdP Twitter handle.

Reportedly, Norman also discussed running with the American Freedom Party in a comment at the PLAS Place, but the comment has since been deleted, evidently caught up in a deletion of sexually perverse comments made by Wahid Tariq Fasil (AKA Paulie “Cyberpig” Frankel).

WTF (AKA Cyberpig) Suggests Robert Milnes or Nathan Norman Run as Democrats

Over at the PLAS Place, entertainer Nathan Norman suggested how activist Robert Milnes could potentially win the White House in 2020:

First join the Democratic Party. Then do something to get major attention like streaking at a sporting event. Then when they interview you announce you are running for president as a Democrat and direct everyone to this website.

Milnes rejected the idea, but “Wahid Tariq Fasil” AKA “Wang Tang Fu” AKA Paulie “Cyberpig” Frankel liked the idea and put out a suggestion of his own:

I sounds like a good plan to me. The Democrats are down to fewer governors and state legislatures than they have had since the 1920s. They are the minority in both houses of Congress and have lost the Presidency. The Republicans will now control most of the appointments on the Supreme Court. They are losing states that they hadn’t lost since 1988 when it comes to the electoral vote. With every election they are losing support in the midwest, and have virtually no hope anywhere in the south or non-coastal west in electoral votes. Their losses are now spreading to the Northeast as well, with Pennsylvania and parts of Maine, and nearly New Hampshire as well, going over to the Republicans. If they don’t take a radical step and nominate someone like Robert Milnes or Nathan Norman, they will become a permanent minority with no power at all, especially when Trump starts his deportations.

Therefore, if Robert Milnes doesn’t take Nathan Norman’s advice, Norman should take his own advice so that he can become the next Democratic Presidential candidate in 2020.