Jill Stein Discussed on Howard Stern Show

Unlike IPR, we here at IPR-X cover actual news about alternative candidates and parties.  For example, on the eve of last week’s election, the Howard Stern Show included a skit with a Donald Trump impersonator in which both Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party were mentioned.  The discussion of Jill Stein was more descriptive and informative. IPR failed to cover this development.  Rest assured, we are here to pick up where IPR lags behind.

In the skit, a Donald Trump impersonator called in to talk to Howard.  They joked about not believing the election polls or even the results (even though the results later showed Trump as the victor).  They talked about the only polls that matter, which are those in Trump’s very perceptive mind.  I’ll leave the relevant part of the dialogue below for your consumption:

IMPERSONATOR: Look Howard, I’m winning 90% of a poll taken inside my own head.

HOWARD: So you’re 10% against yourself?

IMPERSONATOR: 10% of me is for Jill Stein

HOWARD: Really?

IMPERSONATOR: She has some good ideas about education and I bet she has a full bush, which is hot. Right? Unbelievable.

ROBIN: You would never vote for Hillary?

IMPERSONATOR: Robin, make America shut the fuck up again. Okay?

HOWARD: (laughing) Poor Robin. She can’t even get a word in.  I’ll ask what Robin . . . I know what Robin is thinking. So I’ll ask the question for her. Are you worried about third party candidates?

IMPERSONATOR: Gary Johnson? What a loser.  This guy can’t name one single world leader like, you know, what’s-her-tits in Germany.

HOWARD:  What’s her name? Angela Merkel.

IMPERSONATOR: Is that one of the girls I groped? She’s lying. Lying!

HOWARD: Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany.

IMPERSONATOR: She grabbed my pussy. Boom! Flipped the script haters.

HOWARD: Do you think the FBI’s decision to close the Hillary case was politically motivated?

IMPERSONATOR: Howard, I support the FBI.  I’m a member of the FBI.

ROBIN: What?

IMPERSONATOR: Well, I have a T-shirt that says Federal Boob Inspector.

HOWARD: Oh yeah. I saw that.

IMPERSONATOR: I wear it backstage at beauty pageants so I can grab those little titties before they turn 22 and they’re over-the-hill.

HOWARD:  Alright. I see.

IMPERSONATOR:  I also have a CIA hat. Clit Inspector of America. That one’s not real.  I just made it up.

[ . . . ]

IMPERSONATOR: You know, I’d like to pivot to what a bitch Hillary is. Such a nasty woman. Right? Unbelievably nasty.

After seeing this, let me remind my readers that Howard Stern is amoral and once featured a disgusting transsexual beauty pageant on his show, which I discussed in my interview of Dr. Don Grundmann.