Nathan Norman Continues Brutal Twitter Beatdown of Faithless Elector

After reading a weaselly tweet from Faithless Elector Chris Suprun, Nathan Norman resumed his Twitter annihilation of the fraudster, exposing Suprun’s history of lying, cheating, and breaking pledges: now adds to the growing list of deceitful actions reporting that according to an anonymous classmate, Suprun was expelled from Tarrant County Police Academy 6 years ago for committing plagiarism.

We at IPR-X are on top of this story and will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments until the Electoral College convenes tomorrow.

Nathan Norman’s Twitter Takedown of Faithless Elector

Nathan Norman delivered a knockout punch on Twitter today against Faithless Elector Chris Suprun.  Suprun, a man who reportedly lied about being a first responder on 9/11 and used Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife while the couple had three young children, now refuses to cast his Texas Electoral College vote for Donald Trump despite signing an affidavit pledging to do so.  Suprun apparently lacks integrity.

Trump won the state of Texas in a landslide, entitling him to the states’s 38 electoral votes.  The state Republican Party selected 38 electors, including Suprun, who each pledged to vote for the winner of the state when the College convenes on Monday.  Suprun’s fraud and looming betrayal of the voters of Texas did not sit well with Nathan Norman, who eviscerated Suprun with a series of Tweets: