Bow Down 2018

Contrary to fake news reports spread by The Cyberpig, IPR-X is not a failed experiment.  Actually, with this post, we lead IPR, one to nothing in 2018 posts.  We are the premier site for third party/independent news and views and will continue to be.  Nathan Norman is the leading Aryan voice on politics and will continue to be.

Hello 2018.  Bow down to your Aryan Princess.


There’s more where that came from.

Celebrate Genetic Superiority

A couple weeks ago, we introduced  you to Beth Lily, the personification of the 14 words, a walking, talking reminder for why the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.  Yesterday, she released a new vlog.

In this latest vlog, Beth tries on bathing suits ahead of an upcoming visit to Orlando.  In the process, she showcases her genetic superiority.

Follow Beth on Twitter @BethanyLilyA

The 14 Words Personified

The vlog below may simply document mundane, everyday things, but more importantly it demonstrates the living, breathing purpose behind the 14 words.  What you see is the reason the 14 words exist.  It is why we fight so hard to end White genocide.

Take note also of the beauty of the wildlife at the Zoo and why we must preserve the environment as well.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

To help end White genocide, check out the American Freedom Party and get involved today.