Big Dawg Arrested

IPR-X contributor Big Dawg was arrested yesterday for felony assault.  It was his third felony offense, meaning he’ll most likely be going back to prison for a very long time.  I’ve taken the liberty of removing his privileges as a contributor.  I also reviewed the articles he posted here and found them to be lacking in the quality we expect here at IPR-X.  These articles have been removed.  It pains me to have to do all this.  Big Dawg is a friend.  I and everyone else at IPR-X wish him all the best.

This is the second contributor IPR-X has lost in the past week.  It appears I was wrong when I placed value on the idea of diversity, at least in the realm of race and sexual orientation.  Our current writers are unique in their own ways.  I am the founder and face of IPR-X and a former presidential candidate.  Kareem Caliente is an expert in the arts and entertainment and longs for a return of the Roman Empire.  Moses Austwin is an historian who wants to see the Confederacy rise again and for Texas to be reestablished as a Republic.   Lastly, Magnus Dahlstrøm, our newest writer, is putting together his own religion based on various prophesies.

As I previously mentioned, more writers are coming.  They will bring interesting perspectives and insights.  Plus, anyone reading this who may wish to join IPR-X may do so as well.  Make your interest known in the comments below.

My Response to Recent Hate Mail

I’ve received hate mail and angry emails from people upset I signed Big Dawg as a writer. Big Dawg provides a unique perspective.  You don’t have to like or read what he writes. Unlike IPR, IPR-X is not an echo chamber. We provide a diversity of views. Big Dawg shares views common within the African American community.  He was banned at IPR, possibly as a result of racism, and so we are providing him a platform here.

Further showing our cornucopia of views, I have signed a homosexual writer who was banned at IPR.  He will make his debut here whenever he wants.  This does not mean I endorse his lifestyle; quite the contrary to be honest.  Nevertheless, we will let him speak his mind.

To those still upset, I say “get over it”. If you feel so strongly then comment on the articles here and make your anger known.  The only restriction on comments here is that they must be in the English language. We are building something truly special here.  Let’s get to it!