Libertarians for Trump Founder Walter Block Wins FPP Peace Prize

Walter Block, founder of Libertarians for Trump won the prestigious FPP Peace Prize today.  The award, given out by Darryl W. Perry’s Free Press Publications, seeks to recognize the one person who “worked to make the world a more peaceful place.”  Block did this by creating Libertarians for Trump which successfully lobbied the American people to Make America Great Again by electing Donald Trump as President of the United States.  The American people, particularly those in the much-maligned White community, can now prosper in peace.

The winner of the award is decided by a weeks-long poll on the FPP site.  Block led the poll in a landslide when the polling closed last month.  The official results were not revealed, however, a pie chart was released, which is difficult to gauge, but shows Block as the clear winner.

For some reason, somebody named Rodger Paxton was also given the award even though he did not receive as many votes as Block.  It is unclear why Paxton was also given the award.

IPR-X would like to congratulate Walter Block and Libertarians for Trump for the great victory, one of many to come in Trump’s America.

Thomas L. Knapp Goes “Full Retard”

Thomas L. Knapp takes an illegal selfie of his ballot for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  One offense is far worse than the other.

Thomas L. Knapp, the saintly, lily-white, ideologically-pure “libertarian” has outdone himself.

On the Knapp Stir Podcast sponsored by his so-called “friend” Darryl W. Perry, Knapp betrayed Perry by refusing to write him in for President, opting instead to vote for the Statist ticket of Gary “TPP” Johnson and Hillary Clinton-apologist Bill Weld.  After voting he committed a lesser offense of taking a ballot selfie, a criminal offense in his home state of Florida.  This forever memorialized his Statist act and ultimate betrayal of Perry.

Add this act to the top of the list of the Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp.  As they say in Tropic Thunder, he seems to have gone “full retard.”

Darryl Perry’s “Dick Move”

From GI

Failed Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry has decided to run for President—again : this time as a Write-in candidate.  IPR’s resident genius Thomas L. Knapp said Perry’s candidacy might be considered “a dick move.”  Truer words could not be spoken about Darryl’s behavior since it is known that he has, on occasion, whipped out his genitalia for the entire world to see.

Darryl posted an image penis on, a website for sexual deviants interested in sexual paraphillia such as pegging and asphyxiation. This was confirmed during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) focused on Darryl last May.  The user “peaceerror” linked to a FetLife account and asked “Is it true that you put your penis on Fetlife?”  Darryl confirmed that the linked profile was his.

The information was censored at IPR among other places ahead of the National Convention, but it spread among those in-the-know, becoming a scandal known vernacularly as “Penisgate.” Darryl lost for the nomination at the National Convention after a debate where he clumsily (and some may say inappropriately) talked about Buck Angel, a pornographic actress who identifies as male.

Darryl was given the opportunity to comment on this story but he refused to comment.

To see Darry’s “pillar of principle,” all you need do is create a free fetlife account (preferably with a burner email). Once you have signed up, you can view Darryl’s profile here and see the dick pic here.

Enjoy, or rather…try to.

~Citizen Norman~