Did Gary Johnson Use My Idea to Win Votes?


Over at The Other Place, on a story about Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, “Just Saying” writes:

I can see it now. Once the Libertarians accept Zoltan and transhumanism — don’t laugh, they embraced Goofy Gary, who once suggested on national television that the solution to global warming was space colonization — the party will have to come up with a new slogan.

First of all, concerning the actual story, I like Zoltan Istvan.  He is using the correct, scientific approach to politics.  Hopefully that means he will also embrace pro-White positions since these are entirely based on scientific realism.  While Zoltan has no realistic chance of winning as a Libertarian, I hope his run for Governor of California awakens the masses to science-based politics.  Gary Johnson AKA “Goofy Gary” was foolish for passing on Zoltan for his running mate in 2016, choosing statist Bill Weld instead (thus creating the embarrassing Weld my Johnson ticket).

The comment on IPR from “Just Saying” alerted me to something I did not know. Apparently, Gary Johnson’s 2016 approach to climate change was exactly the same as the approach I first put forward in 2014:

 It is indisputable that climate change will soon make Earth unlivable, but we shouldn’t pretend we can do anything to reverse it. Ultimately, we will choose either to perish with the Earth or find a new home. Given our limited capabilities Mars may be our only option.

Last September, Gary Johnson used this idea of dealing with climate change through human relocation during an interview on This Week:

“We do have to inhabit other planets. The future of the human race is space exploration,” Johnson told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” in offering a response on how to address the challenges posed by climate change.

I did not know Johnson took this position on climate change.  It obviously came from me, since I too was a contender for Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, and so, I was on Johnson’s radar.  I wonder how many other ideas Johnson took from me.  I have no way of verifying this, but perhaps my ideas are the reason Johnson’s vote percentage took such a jump from the 0.99% he won in 2012 to the 3.3% he won in 2016.  If that is true, imagine how much the party would have won if I was the nominee rather than Goofy Gary.

Perhaps it is for the better that that did not happen.  Libertarianism turned out to be dead.  And Donald Trump winning the election was best for the nation and White people in particular.  In fact, a Trump presidency will make it easier to implement the agenda I put forward during the 2016 campaign:

  • Trump’s pro-energy platform and plan to improve our relationship with Russia will make it easier to put together a joint U.S.-Russia operation to Frack Siberia to fund space exploration
  • Trump’s creation of economic prosperity and commitment to space exploration will help enable a return to the Moon (by 2020, according to Trump) and move us closer to putting a man on Mars, which we can then terraform and inhabit.  According to Andy Aldrin, “Sound market economics can be a real strong foundation to launching a mission to Mars and human habitation to Mars.”
  • California’s aversion to Trump’s policies, a consequence of California’s rejection of realism (and ultimately why they will reject Zoltan), is already fostering a secessionist movement.  California’s secession would have the same effect as splitting California because it too would lessen the overinfluence of California on national policy and make it easier to put in place nationalist policies that benefit the entire nation.

These things might not happen but they are much more likely under Trump than any other president in recent history.

Infowars Exposes the Dumbest Democrat Ever

What do Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Libertarian Gary Johnson have in common?

Neither know the answer to the age old question:

What is Aleppo?

But Waters takes stupidity to new heights.  Check out what she said in the Infowars video below, which exposes her as the dumbest Democrat ever. Even in his most drug-addled state, Johnson never said anything even remotely this dumb.

KOREA.  That’s right.  She said KOREA.

Happy Black History Month!

The Death of Libertarianism

Libertarianism was cool for a little while. It brought us Ron and Rand Paul, a way to oppose stupid wars without being leftist and a message that made us all feel good inside. Then we all witnessed as it became unworkable. A doofus stoner became the standard bearer, and embarrased himself and the movement. The “Libertarian” Party turned into a hotbed of social justice warriors and homosexuals. It cheered as the Supreme Court forced Americans to subsidize sodomy and ignored the real issues of illegal immigration, crime, and White genocide.

In the past year or so many of us abandoned libertarianism. Something better took its place. The frog emoji replaced the porcupine.  We started frequenting 4chan instead of Reason. And we all shaved our beards, cut our hair and got fashy haircuts. The Alt-Right was born when libertarianism died.

Many libertarians still don’t know their movement is dead. But it’s over. It died when it abandoned its base, the educated White men of America.  IPR and others still parade the corpse of libertarianism around with sunglasses as if it lives. But it’s starting to stink and it’s getting really sad. That’s the difference between IPR and IPR-X. We recognize reality while IPR is stuck in the past.

IPR readers and contributors, please bury the body. I ask you to join us here at IPR-X. We are the present and the future.

It Takes One to Know One

It has become apparent that the IPR contributor known as “Tony From Long Island” is actually a troll, possibly of the government-paid variety, according to IPR’s resident conspiracy theorist Andy Jacobs.  Tony, who claims to have voted for Gary Johnson but constantly heaps praise on Crooked Hillary Clinton, often brags that he spent a large amount of time in prison.  What for?  He has not revealed, though he recently gloated about violently attacking an eighth grade child he accused of bullying.  As Jacobs must be fully aware, the prison system is a great place for the government to recruit infiltrators who can then become internet trolls.  Jacobs himself has been accused of being a government troll for constantly accusing others of being government trolls but this should not discount the validity of his accusation.  Tony, who claims to only post at IPR while at work (which has been suggested as being a government troll center), spends most of his time on IPR commenting about how much he hates Jacobs, but no one else.  In pretty much all of his comments where he is not expressing his hatred for Jacobs, he regurgitates Democrat talking points and attacks President Elect Donald Trump as if he is parodying the misinformed losers throwing a hissy over Trump’s election.  Lately on IPR he’s been palling around with the Cyberpig, an associate of Jacobs and someone who’s been trolling IPR and other sites for years.  Perhaps Tony and Jacobs are both government paid trolls, using their supposed hatred of each other as a smokescreen while they both unleash their trollery.  They may even be gay lovers, who met each other at prison and now work at the same government troll center.  Whatever it is, both are accusing the other of being a troll, and as they say, “It takes one to know one.”

Jill Stein Discussed on Howard Stern Show

Unlike IPR, we here at IPR-X cover actual news about alternative candidates and parties.  For example, on the eve of last week’s election, the Howard Stern Show included a skit with a Donald Trump impersonator in which both Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party were mentioned.  The discussion of Jill Stein was more descriptive and informative. IPR failed to cover this development.  Rest assured, we are here to pick up where IPR lags behind.

In the skit, a Donald Trump impersonator called in to talk to Howard.  They joked about not believing the election polls or even the results (even though the results later showed Trump as the victor).  They talked about the only polls that matter, which are those in Trump’s very perceptive mind.  I’ll leave the relevant part of the dialogue below for your consumption:

IMPERSONATOR: Look Howard, I’m winning 90% of a poll taken inside my own head.

HOWARD: So you’re 10% against yourself?

IMPERSONATOR: 10% of me is for Jill Stein

HOWARD: Really?

IMPERSONATOR: She has some good ideas about education and I bet she has a full bush, which is hot. Right? Unbelievable.

ROBIN: You would never vote for Hillary?

IMPERSONATOR: Robin, make America shut the fuck up again. Okay?

HOWARD: (laughing) Poor Robin. She can’t even get a word in.  I’ll ask what Robin . . . I know what Robin is thinking. So I’ll ask the question for her. Are you worried about third party candidates?

IMPERSONATOR: Gary Johnson? What a loser.  This guy can’t name one single world leader like, you know, what’s-her-tits in Germany.

HOWARD:  What’s her name? Angela Merkel.

IMPERSONATOR: Is that one of the girls I groped? She’s lying. Lying!

HOWARD: Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany.

IMPERSONATOR: She grabbed my pussy. Boom! Flipped the script haters.

HOWARD: Do you think the FBI’s decision to close the Hillary case was politically motivated?

IMPERSONATOR: Howard, I support the FBI.  I’m a member of the FBI.

ROBIN: What?

IMPERSONATOR: Well, I have a T-shirt that says Federal Boob Inspector.

HOWARD: Oh yeah. I saw that.

IMPERSONATOR: I wear it backstage at beauty pageants so I can grab those little titties before they turn 22 and they’re over-the-hill.

HOWARD:  Alright. I see.

IMPERSONATOR:  I also have a CIA hat. Clit Inspector of America. That one’s not real.  I just made it up.

[ . . . ]

IMPERSONATOR: You know, I’d like to pivot to what a bitch Hillary is. Such a nasty woman. Right? Unbelievably nasty.

After seeing this, let me remind my readers that Howard Stern is amoral and once featured a disgusting transsexual beauty pageant on his show, which I discussed in my interview of Dr. Don Grundmann.

Thomas L. Knapp Goes “Full Retard”

Thomas L. Knapp takes an illegal selfie of his ballot for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  One offense is far worse than the other.

Thomas L. Knapp, the saintly, lily-white, ideologically-pure “libertarian” has outdone himself.

On the Knapp Stir Podcast sponsored by his so-called “friend” Darryl W. Perry, Knapp betrayed Perry by refusing to write him in for President, opting instead to vote for the Statist ticket of Gary “TPP” Johnson and Hillary Clinton-apologist Bill Weld.  After voting he committed a lesser offense of taking a ballot selfie, a criminal offense in his home state of Florida.  This forever memorialized his Statist act and ultimate betrayal of Perry.

Add this act to the top of the list of the Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp.  As they say in Tropic Thunder, he seems to have gone “full retard.”