Donald Trump Says Election Rigged (by Israel?); Billary Whines WikiLeaks (by Russians?).

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Yes, the U.S. elections are rigged. Especially the U.S. Presidential elections. But it is of far greater magnitude than ballot box stuffing which is virtually nonexistent or dredging up past alleged indescretions. The very fact that there are only two major candidates, the democrat and republican, and only they are in the Presidential debates, is powerful prima facie evidence of the elections being rigged. Are there really in USA only two major candidates ALMOST ALWAYS, the democrat and the republican? The only significant exceptions in the past 100 years are billionaire H.Ross Perot the Reform party in 1992. And former President Teddy Roosevelt the Progressive party in 1912. Whereas many other nations have several major parties any one of which could be the eventual winner.
Yes, it is quite possible that there is an Israel v Russia competition involving the U.S. Presidential elections.
However, far more important is the influence…

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UNITED STATES Marines, American First Responders: RESCUE AMERICA!…and my father.

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U.S. and Israel, staunch allies in the war on terror.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Well, how does this sound?
Israel, a nuclear armed apartheid terrorist state, is enabled by the U.S. via the United Nations, and manipulates it to join in terrorizing the world, inviting blowback. The Israeli Mossad attacks often killing anyone it wants to in the world, including the USA. The dhs/fbi/cia allows this. It, dhs/fbi/cia and the Mossad and Saudi intelligence GID engineered 9/11. Bringing down the Twin Towers and 7 WTC buildings and impacting the Pentagon. The other target was evidently The Capitol or The White House.
This is accomplished by corrupt, misguided American politicians and government agents and disproportionately wealthy jewish Americans zealously supporting Israel.
About 1/3 of ALL jews in the world are in the USA!!! About 6 million. About 1/3 are in Israel 6 million. The rest are scattered around the world, MOSTLY…

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