Powerful Nationalist Comment Left at IPR


Someone named JT just left a powerful nationalist comment at IPR. I will post it below before the IPR moderators censor it for not adhering to their (dead) libertarian orthodoxy:

Why all the austistic screeching from the PC liberals and social justice warriors? President Trump is great. The wall is great. Getting rid of terrorists and sending them back is great. I hope he doesn’t just stop at keeping more of them from coming over but actually sends them all back. And why not just ban Islam, burqas and mosques? We would have way less problems if that happened. We need E-Verify and strict enforcement against anyone that hires illegals. Protect American jobs. 35% tariff, across the board. Get rid of all the other taxes, tariffs is all we need for revenue. No more social programs, build a military that is bigger and better than ever and put it at the borders. Develop American energy with fracking, nuclear, and more oil and gas drilling. Coal too. Fix the roads and bridges, put people to work with infrastructure projects all over the country. Get all the illegals outta here, and their anchor babies too.

Support the police and get tough with the criminals, put them in tent city jails all over the country like Sheriff Joe did in Arizona, and crack down on drugs like President Duterte is doing in the Philippines. No more of this black lives matter crap. Start really enforcing the laws. Then make the inmates wear pink underwear, break rocks, eat green baloney and listen to Newt Gingrich lectures. Make them all line up and pledge allegiance to President Trump every morning, noon and night. And stop hating on President Putin. We need to do what he did in Russia in putting a stop to the gay parades and getting prayer back in the public schools. He is a good man and a good leader and I am glad President Trump is going to be friends with him. We need a revival of patriotism, lots of flag waving and military parades and reversing the diversity. The whole feminism thing should go the way of the dodo bird.

We won’t need welfare anymore, America will be getting to work. No more criminals and loitering in the streets, they will be in work camps and the streets will be safe. And let’s get moving on that special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton. She can be in a jail work camp sewing uniforms for police officers like the trashy tramps from Pussy Riot when they got locked up. Pretty soon it’s going to be like the 1950s in this country, and that’s a good thing.