Twitter Reaction to Lil’ Nas X Faggotry Announcement

Lil’ Nas X gave new meaning to the phrase “ride ’til I can’t no more” when he announced he is a homosexual who engages in faggotry.

Here’s the best reaction on twitter to the announcement:

Faggotry is an inherently dangerous lifestyle and is harmful to one’s healthIt is the likely cause for the untimely death of former IPR-X contributor Marlon Areola in 2017.

Cyberpig Trashes Areola Tribute

Cyberpig Paulie Frankel removed a tribute set up on IPR’s January 2017 Open Thread to honor blogger and LGBT activist Marlon Areola, who died Sunday after suffering a ruptured artery in his lower abdomen.  The tribute, left at IPR by a user with the name “Lobster Miner” read as follows:

Rest in Peace

Blogger & LGBT activist Marlon Areola

1981 – 2017

It followed with a link to Wikipedia’s list of 2017 deaths, which current lists Areola for January 1.

There was no reason given for the Cyberpig’s removal of the tribute.  It could possibly be the result of homophobia or maybe for unknown personal reasons.  Areola claims on his blog that he and the Cyberpig were supposed to meet at a gay bathhouse in Chicago, but the Cyberpig no-showed.

In place of the tribute to Areola, the Cyberpig posted a note asking readers to throw a pity party for him because he is too lazy to obtain a driver’s license and irrationally fears he will be deported as a result.

Marlon Areola Dies

I have some very sad news to report.  IPR-X contributor Marlon Areola was found dead in his Florida apartment on New Years Day.  He apparently suffered a major rupture of his iliac artery, causing him to bleed to death.  This is commonly caused by the insertion of foreign objects into the rectum.

Marlon was quite open about his lifestyle and wrote about it frequently on his blog.  Out of respect, we will not speculate about whether Marlon’s lifestyle contributed to his early death.  Marlon was only 35 years old.

We at IPR-X wish his family all the best.  Marlon’s older brother Harry is a friend of IPR-X who helped conduct an interview with Thomas L. Knapp three months ago.

Marlon’s article “Marlon Talks Back“, which we published at the end of November, turned out to be the only article Marlon would ever contribute for IPR-X.

May he Rest in Peace.


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Areola Interviews Thomas L. Knapp

Interview took place today on knappster blogspot article Thanks For Asking! — 10/17/16

Harry Areola: Are you running the knappster wordpress blog?  https://knappsterblog.wordpres…

Thomas L. Knapp: Thanks for asking!

No, that blog is a troll project by the group that’s also been trolling my Thanks For Asking! threads — a group of which I’m going to tentatively assume you are a member.

Harry Areola: No. No. I am not a member. My brother Marlon is though.

In other news, who would you nominate for the Supreme Court?

Thomas L. Knapp: SCOTUS? If I got to nominate the entire court, I would probably pick nine figures from Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum — Colbert and nine random picks, preferably all female pop stars.

Harry Areola: Who did you vote for/support in every general/primary election since you were born?

Harry Areola: For president that is.

Thomas L. Knapp: I had mild opinions prior to being able to vote (when I was ten I didn’t like Ford because he was bald and so I preferred Carter).

The presidential elections I have voted in:

  • 1988: No primary vote, Dukakis in the general election.
  • 1992: No primary vote, carried petitions as a volunteer for Perot, voted for Perot in November.
  • 1996: Supported Tompkins for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Browne in the general election.
  • 2000: Supported Gorman for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Browne in the general election.
  • 2004: Supported Russo for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Badnarik in the general election.
  • 2008: Supported Steve Kubby (and after he was eliminated Mary Ruwart) for the Libertarian nomination, voted for McKinney in the general election.
  • 2012: Supported no candidates, cast no votes.
  • 2016: Supported Darryl W. Perry for the Libertarian nomination, undecided as to who I’ll vote for next month if I vote in the presidential election (likely choices include a write-in for Perry, abstaining, or possibly Johnson or Stein).

Harry Areola: Okay. My last question for now. Do you think the William Stinglen death scene was fake?


Thomas L. Knapp: Thanks for asking!

  1. I’ve never heard of William Stinglen;
  2. I don’t read Robert Milnes’s web site;
  3. People who make a habit of linking to Robert Milnes’s web site or otherwise referring to him, to Nathan Norman, et al., won’t remain welcome here.

Just Leave a Message, Maybe I’ll Call

Hot Kareem

ME: Important questions must be asked especially to Mr. Sarwark. I found these at

“1. Are you jewish?
2. Are you not jewish but support Israel?
3. Are you a dhs/fbi or Mossad agent or operative?”

ANDY: I believe that is the site of Robert Milnes, a person with whom I do not want to associate.

Interestingly enough, I recall hearing that somebody researched Milnes site and found out that it was put up by some Republican campaign operative. I suspect that it is some how connected with the trolling that has gone on here at IPR. Milnes may be some nutty person that was recruited and is being led by handlers to try to make Libertarians look bad.

JAY: “a person with whom I do not want to associate.”

Pity, it seems you would have a lot in common.

ANDY: Well I will tell you what Jay…

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