Senator Kid Rock! Let’s Make It Happen

We need someone in the US Senate who is not PC and who stands up for his own people.


Word has it, Kid Rock’s thinking about running.

Let’s make it happen.

As Senator for Michigan, Kid Rock will help promote President Donald Trump’s pro-White agenda.

Let’s do it!

Kick out the worthless Democrat Debbie Stabenow who has been a disaster for 16 years and has done absolutely nothing but line her own pockets.

Elect a True American and True Michigander.

I’m Michigan boy can you feel that?

I’ll adapt
To any and all situations
Thats why they call me the pimp of the nation
Hey bitch (Stabenow) you best believe I live in the woods not your world of greed
Might, a little weed might a little yeah
I’m so proud to be living in the USA

Obese P.O.S. Disrespects America

James Weeks II, an obese man known for a disgusting stripping performance at the Libertarian National Convention, was recently photographed standing on top of an American flag, disrespecting the flag and all the veterans who fought for it.  He did this while wearing the jersey of controversial football player Colin Kaepernick, known for his refusal to stand for the Star Spangled Banner.

Weeks claims to be running for Sheriff of Livingston County, Michigan.