Music Monday: The Sign

There’s already so much meaning behind the Ace of Base song “The Sign“.

A couple weeks ago, Lazarus took it to another level.

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign
No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong?

Monday Entertainment: Wild Is the Wind #MusicMonday #MondayMotivation

The final track on “Station to Station“, “Wild Is the Wind” is the only song on the album David Bowie himself did not write.  Scranton-born Ned Washington authored its lyrics. Though a love song, just like the previous, its protagonist the Thin White Duke recognizes how tenuous love can be and how it can blow away in the wind like leaves from a tree.  Likewise, America, or at least the silent majority, currently loves President Elect Donald Trump, but that can change (my time was running wild) like the wind.  The love can last if as President, Trump does what he has promised, to Make America Great Again.

Like a leaf clings
To the tree
Oh my darling,
Cling to me
For we’re like creatures
In the wind
And wild is the wind
Wild is the wind

Monday Entertainment: Stay #MusicMonday #MondayMotivation

The fifth track from “Station to Station“, in “Stay“, the Thin White Duke wants his companion to stay with him rather than simply leave after a one night stand.  Donald Trump‘s pre-campaign fame was like the one night stand.  His place in history was nothing more than a footnote.  However, because he, like the Thin White Duke, decided to stay (or asked America to stay with him), he changed the course of history, and has become a permanent fixture in the grand scheme of things.

‘Cause you can never really tell
When somebody
Wants something you want too

Monday Entertainment: TVC-15 #MusicMonday #MondayMotivation

When television dominated American culture, like the Thin White Duke, Donald Trump, was right in the center of it all, hosting The Apprentice.  Today, television is no longer the focal point of culture.  Trump has left The Apprentice and is now in the middle of what has become the centerpiece of culture; the Internet.  Trump’s understanding of Twitter as a medium to communicate with America propelled him into his current position as President Elect.

Still, President Elect Trump loves watching television.  And, in appreciation of things past, he remains Executive Producer of The Apprentice.  The show makes its season premier tonight with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host.

In honor of the magic of television, which will likely turn holographic in our times, enjoy the fourth track from Station to Station (channel surfing?):

Monday Entertainment: Word on a Wing #MondayMotivation #MusicMonday

In a followup to “Station to Station” and “Golden Years“, the third track from David Bowie‘s prophetic album “Station to Station” is a straightforward discussion of faith and destiny in “Word on a Wing“.  The protagonist, the Thin White Duke, in many ways a foreshadowing of Donald Trump, discusses his struggles with faith and the Lord’s Will while maintaining continued belief.  He is then ordained with the grace of God.

Likewise, Trump has admittedly struggled with his faith in getting divorced twice and losing his brother Fred Jr. to alcoholism.  However, today, Trump is widely recognized as a true believer.  He cites the Bible as his favorite book and won the largest share of evangelicals of any previous presidential candidate.  As President Elect, with his “word on a wing” accepted, Trump is “ready to shape the scheme of things” in bringing about the Lord’s Will.

Lord, I kneel and offer you
my word on a wing
And I’m trying hard to fit
among your scheme of things

It’s safer than a strange land
But I still care for myself
And I don’t stand in my own light
Lord, lord, my prayer flies
like a word on a wing

My prayer flies
like a word on a wing
Does my prayer fit in
with your scheme of things?

In this age of grand illusion
You walked into my life
out of my dreams
Sweet name, you’re born once again for me
Just as long as I can see, I’ll never stop this vision flowing
I look twice and you’re still flowing
Just as long as I can walk
I’ll walk beside you, I’m alive in you
Sweet name, you’re born once again for me
And I’m ready to shape the scheme of things

Monday Entertainment: Golden Years

Two weeks ago I discussed the use of David Bowie’s masterpiece “Station to Station” at this year’s Republican National Convention and how it relates to the election of future President Donald Trump, the savior of the American people and White people in particular.  “Station to Station” was followed by “Golden Years” on the “Station to Station” album. “Golden Years” urges listeners not to be complacent but also to know the Thin White Duke will stand by us for “a thousand years,” the Golden Years.