History Repeats Itself


The situation over at The Other Place is so bad now that they are posting screenshots of IPR-X articles from over a year ago.  We can’t blame them, IPR-X articles are really really great.

History repeats itself once more.  Just as in the waning days of Third Party Watch when the re-posting of old articles from the main competition became the norm, IPR rattles on its deathbed doing the same (although at least IPR gives credit where it’s due!).  No need to worry.  Once IPR 404’s, IPR-X will still be here, reporting third party and independent news.

I’ll stick with you baby for a thousand years

The slow death of IPR is somewhat sad given my role there in its golden years.  But it’s only karma for it to fail due to its failure to fulfill its stated purpose.

In other news, check out the firestorm that erupted after prominent Libertarian Party leader Ryan Ramsey, a friend to IPR-X, linked to us on Facebook in celebration of the great Walter Block’s endorsement of Joshua Smith for LNC chairman (in opposition to the incompetent current chair Nicholas Sarwark).  A group calling itself the Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee (Antifa?) continued the discussion on its page, which evolved into a trashing of the committee, which has a very low Facebook rating of a little over 1 star. In contrast, the Nathan Norman for President page has the maximum 5 star rating.

Bow Down 2018

Contrary to fake news reports spread by The Cyberpig, IPR-X is not a failed experiment.  Actually, with this post, we lead IPR, one to nothing in 2018 posts.  We are the premier site for third party/independent news and views and will continue to be.  Nathan Norman is the leading Aryan voice on politics and will continue to be.

Hello 2018.  Bow down to your Aryan Princess.


There’s more where that came from.

You Wanna Rumble?

Over at IPR, master debater Andy Jacobs issues a challenge to yours truly:

If Nathan Norman has the balls to show up and debate me somewhere, and have it put on video and posted online, tell him to go for it.

I happen to have very large testicles, so I emailed an image of my scrotum to Andy so he can see what he’s dealing with.  I accept his debate challenge.

We shall debate pressing political topics such as space exploration, energy pacts and political realignment.  I don’t entirely know Andy’s position on these matters but I believe I can bring him over to my points of view since we already agree on such major issues as illegal immigration, Moslems, and the preservation of the White race.

Let’s go Andy.  Let’s work this out. When will you be near Scranton?  Where would you like to hold the event?  And what political issues would you like to add to the program?

I eagerly await your response and look forward to our debate.


My colleague Nathan Norman was the first to call for the arrest of former President Obama for wiretapping President Trump during the 2016 election.

Next, Roger Stone came out in support of arresting Obama.

Now, the following photo is circulating all over the Internet:


President Trump, we need you to make this a reality.  Obama needs to go to prison for his various crimes, including his illegal wiretap of you.

It’s time to #LockHimUp

Music Monday: Lazarus

On September 19, 2014, I wrote the following on IPR:

New York City — my old stomping grounds — a modern day $odom and Gomorrah — the sewers are cleaner than the streets — the Republican Party owns a suite in Trump Tower where they put on Burlesque shows every Thursday night. It’s nothing to worry about. Libertarians are fine.

“Come on up for the rising”

Years later, David Bowie released this song, with the title of my name (Lazarus) and a passage mirroring what I wrote above:

By the time I got to New York (my old stomping grounds)

I was living like a king (a suite in Trump Tower)

Then I used up all my money (a modern day $odom and Gomorrah)

I was looking for your ass (Burlesque shows)

This way or no way (It’s nothing to worry about)

You know, I’ll be free (Libertarians are fine)

Just like that bluebird (Come on up for the rising)

Now ain’t that just like me (Lazarus)

Did I inspire Bowie to write this song?  Maybe.  The thematic similarities between the song and my blurb on IPR cannot be denied.  Plus, the blurb was written before Bowie wrote the song.  Perhaps most telling, I used the name “Lazarus the Great” as the author of the blurb, while the title of the song is “Lazarus” even though this name is not mentioned in the song (it is an allusion to the story in the Gospel of John of Jesus rising Lazarus of Bethany from the dead).  There is a strong possibility Bowie read my post and then wrote the song (or at least the passage above) in response.

Kareem Caliente calls my 2014 blurb “prescient” not only because of its foreshadowing of “Lazarus” but because I made the connection between the Republican Party and Donald Trump before anyone had any idea he would run for President, much less become the Republican Party presidential nominee and President itself.  Perhaps with the sarcastic tone of the final two sentences I foresaw the death of Libertarianism (as Nathan Norman declared last week), and then with reference to the Springsteen song “The Rising,” I saw the rise of the Alt-Right from the corpse of Libertarianism, just like Lazarus.

Maybe I’m a prophet.  Or maybe I’m just lucky.

Three Ways

Over at IPR, Nate gave his two cents on what the Libertarian Party can do for its presidential ticket in 2020. For those of you hanging on to libertarianism, which Nathan Norman declared as dead, here’s some good ideas:

I see three ways for the Libertarians to go in 2020

1. Nominate anarchist neckbeard. Beg for money to get him to libertarian dinner clubs around the country. Raise enough to make it to some of them. Disappoint the rest . Do lots of podcast interviews with 40 year old virgins and literally dozens of listeners. End up with 0.2%, completely irrelevant to result. Congratulate each other for finally nominating a “real libertarian.” Trump wins all 50 states, loses only in DC.

2. Nominate William Weld. Do better than ever before. Split the liberal vote. Help Trump win all 50 states, losing only DC.

3. Recognize the reality that most libertarians actually support President Trump. Co-nominate the President for re-election. Focus on local races they may actually have some chance to win. Trump wins 50 states, loses only DC. Filibuster-proof Republican majority in the Senate. Huge Republican majority in the House. Republican control of state houses and Governorships up to 40 plus by this time. Trump nominees revolutionizing the judiciary branch. Military and police firmly behind the Commander in Chief, and he firmly behind them. ISIS, Mestizo invaders, China, Democrats, liberals, criminals, looters, rioters, communists, feminists, BLM, and other enemies of the USA and the West all being routed everywhere you look. Trump, Putin, LePen, Farange and friends leading the Euro-American alliance to glorious victory.

Andy Jacobs is aggressively against option #2, he wrote:

Jesus-fucking-Christ! Shun, ban, what the fuck difference does it make? How about kick his ass out of the party? Do I have to be any more blunt? If Weld shows his mug at another LP meeting, call the Hans-Hermannn Hoppe physical removal service. Burn his membership card and remove his name from the list of party members. This guy is a toxic establishment scumbag who massively screwed the party and the cause over on multiple occasions. Keeping him around and giving him another chance to screw us sends the message that we are the world’s biggest suckers, which will attract more con-men like him. So to hell with this guy.


Bill Weld AKA Weld my Johnson

Is Lee Wrights Trolling Andy on IPR?

IPR contributor Andy Jacobs has had a long history with former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Lee Wrights.  In 2011, Andy wrote:

Lee Wrights is a phony. He’s a dreadful candidate. The man is a loser and he’s also a backstabbing two-faced weasel. Go pick up a homeless bum off the streets and take him to Goodwill and buy him a cheap suit and that’s Lee Wrights.


Lee Wrights is the hobo on the left.

These remarks were a big inspiration behind Nathan Norman’s Functional Fillmore Frugal movement, which, from February 2013 to September 2014 focused on preventing “hobos”, like Wrights, who hurt the credibility of the Libertarian Party, from representing the party as candidates.  One achievement of the movement was stopping Wrights from running for Governor of Texas in 2014.

Now, fast forward to 2017, and someone named “Lee”, showed up on IPR, seemingly with the singular purpose of trolling Andy.  The first thing he wrote, in a sarcastic tone:

I agree with Andy, he makes many excellent points here. For further elucidation:


Andy responded:

Hey look everybody, one of the IPR trolls is back, and this time the troll is calling himself/herself “Lee”.

Lee retorted:

My sincere apologies if I’ve infringed on Andy’s space. Although I am not a big fan of the idea of intellectual property, except when I am, I try not to infringe on any trademarks as a general rule, unless I feel like it. As such, I recognize that my views are so similar to Andy’s that he may feel legitimately ripped off – deprived of his property, if you will – when I post comments here. I realize Andy has somewhat of a monopoly on being IPR’s resident troll, except when he doesn’t.

After clicking on Lee’s link, which goes to the Andy Jacobs blog, Andy angrily argued:

I did NOT post or write that article, and that is not my website. “Lee” is obviously a troll, probably working for some government agency, and is likely the source of the article and the website.

It is an act of fraud to falsely claim to be somebody, or to attribute things to them that they never said.

We still are not sure if Andy is actually running that particular blog or conducting a major troll operation.


Andy is the shorter guy in the picture above

In response to Andy’s denial, Lee stated:

Andy: “I did NOT post or write that article” … so who said you did? I know of no one who has made such a claim. Can you point to any comment that did?

“and that is not my website.”

No duh. It appears to be a parody of you. I think Eric Dondero had one devoted to him a few years ago. I don’t think anyone, even Eric, was dense enough to think it was actually Eric’s site or that anyone was trying to suggest that it was. And that’s what makes you so very special, Andy.

““Lee” is obviously a troll, ”

Again, my apologies for violating your exclusive franchise.

“probably working for some government agency”

No way! *They* work for *me*.

“and is likely the source of the article and the website.”

I also shot JFK, faked the moon landing, and planted the bombs in the twin towers.

“It is an act of fraud to falsely claim to be somebody,”

Yes, yes, But is it also an act of fraud to falsely claim that someone else is falsely claiming to be somebody?

” or to attribute things to them that they never said.”

So why are you attributing something that no one ever said, like for example that the parody site claims to actually be you? I mean, who ever said that? Name one person, one time, who said that.

The situation escalated as Andy ejaculated:

It “appears” to be??? You are the asshole who put the site up. No go fuck off and die.

Lee shot back:

Dandy Andy,

“It “appears” to be???”

Yes, it sure does!!!

“You are the asshole who put the site up.”

Evidence? Proof? Remember, as you said…“It is an act of fraud to attribute things to (someone) that they never said.” So why are you committing fraud against me, you fraudulent fraudster you?

(For the record, no, I didn’t put that site up and have no idea who did).

“go fuck off and die.”

After you, I insist, mon cherie.

Andy mused:

Whoever this “Lee” asshole is, they have obviously been posting here for a long time, as they seem to have lots of knowledge about various things that have been discussed here over the years. I suspect that “Lee” may be somebody who used to post here under their real name way back in 2008 and 2009.

“Lee” said: “(For the record, no, I didn’t put that site up and have no idea who did).”

Maybe it was somebody who works an earlier shift than you work at the government troll center.

Lee replied:

Nice try, but yet another logic fail from handy Andy. Let’s examine how he does it this time:

A) What knowledge do you speak of? Can you provide any examples? Even one?

B) It’s possible to read and not post here, so even if I had knowledge of things that happened here for years (and I can’t think of what the fuck Andy is talking about) I would have been able to pick it up without posting.

C) The old threads are still available, so even if you had some evidence that I had read them that doesn’t exactly prove that I read them way back when they were first posted, does it?

So how exactly is it “obvious” that I have been posting here for years? Please do explain. Your failure will be a great illustration for why your logic is so faulty not just on this but on all sorts of issues and matters.

It’s obvious that Andy is actually a Martian, because he barks like a chicken and I suspect that he was at Sandy Hook because the earth is flat, dude. Gay frogs!!!

“Maybe it was somebody who works an earlier shift than you work at the government troll center.”

So it WAS you after all! Nice to know. And thanks for taking off early without letting me know, asshole. Also, clean up your coffee and cum stains next to the computer from now on, I am tired of cleaning up after you.

Andy then got a little off track:

Somebody, or some group of people, have been trolling here for years. If you are not the same person who has posted under fake names like “Vernon” and “Randy” and etc.., I bet that you are connected with them. I don’t know who you are working for, but it is likely some government agency.

January 13, 2017 at 23:29
‘Maybe it was somebody who works an earlier shift than you work at the government troll center.’

So it WAS you after all! Nice to know. And thanks for taking off early without letting me know, asshole. Also, clean up your coffee and cum stains next to the computer from now on, I am tired of cleaning up after you.”

Nice dodge, but I’m on to you.

A certain Concerned Citizen then got involved to try to clear things up:

Isn’t it obvious that Lee is in fact Lee Wrights whom Andy has had problems with?

Andy replied:

LOL! Nice try, but I don’t buy that for a second.

Of course, subconsciously, he did buy it, as we shall see.

Lee, in responding to Andy’s earlier comment, wrote:

Somebody, or some group of people, have been molesting all the pets in the neighborhood for years. If it’s not Andy, I bet he is connected with them. I don’t know who Andy is working for, but it’s likely the Vatican. Or maybe the illuminati. One thing’s for sure, I wouldn’t leave my pets alone with him if you know what I mean.

Nice dodge, but I’m on to Andy. It’s obvious that he knows a lot about all these pet incidents including details that only those committing these hideous crimes could possibly know. And by obvious, I mean I have no evidence whatsoever and can’t cite a single example when pressed, even if all the evidence is posted for everyone to see on a public website so even if he did know all that stuff all that would show is that he read the website. However, I have failed even by that standard, so the next step after I get caught on that one is to say that Andy must somehow be connected to it anyway, because the guy across the street has a green handkerchief in his left pants pocket and the wind is blowing from the west. Or, actually, just because.

Also, this clearly shows that Andy works for the government, most likely in a troll center, because governments have a tendency to hire incompetent people who can’t make it in the private sector and with the truly amazing logic skills that Andy has shown in this particular exchange (as well as many others) where else could he possibly find employment? Ergo, Andy must be the one and only true troll. QED. Wait does that mean I’m Andy? Am I talking to myself here? Help!

Andy then made the comment in which he subconsciously let on that he believes Lee might in fact be Lee Wrights:

It is time for a physical removal, a la Hans-Hermann Hoppe style. Somebody throw this “Lee” bum the hell out of here.

Notice the use of the word “bum”, which Andy also used in the original quote from 2011 to refer to Lee Wrights.

Lee then commented:

Yes, you can’t mislead Andy about who the one and only true troll is. Andy knows EXACTLY who it is with 100% certainty. As I said…QED.

It is time for a physical removal, a la Augusto Pinochet style. Somebody throw this “Andy” bum the hell out of a helicopter! And for Kek’s sake, throw his freakin’ gay frogs out with him.

After seeing all this, Concerned Citizen remarked:

Didn’t Andy say (and thus establishing the Functional Fillmore Frugal movement) Lee Wrights is nothing but a hobo in a cheap suit? Now someone with the name Lee shows up with a beef against Andy. Coincidence? I think not.

We may never know if “Lee” is in fact Lee Wrights trolling for revenge, but it sure makes for an interesting story.