Marlon Areola Dies

I have some very sad news to report.  IPR-X contributor Marlon Areola was found dead in his Florida apartment on New Years Day.  He apparently suffered a major rupture of his iliac artery, causing him to bleed to death.  This is commonly caused by the insertion of foreign objects into the rectum.

Marlon was quite open about his lifestyle and wrote about it frequently on his blog.  Out of respect, we will not speculate about whether Marlon’s lifestyle contributed to his early death.  Marlon was only 35 years old.

We at IPR-X wish his family all the best.  Marlon’s older brother Harry is a friend of IPR-X who helped conduct an interview with Thomas L. Knapp three months ago.

Marlon’s article “Marlon Talks Back“, which we published at the end of November, turned out to be the only article Marlon would ever contribute for IPR-X.

May he Rest in Peace.


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Thomas L. Knapp Nails Crapozzi with Janitor Analogy

Thomas L. Knapp totally nailed Robert Capozzi AKA Crapozzi on IPR yesterday with an analogy likening the Libertarian Party presidential ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld to custodial workers.  Crapozzi is a notorious IPR troll known for his long, esoteric rants in which he overuses acronyms and abbreviations.  His posts are perhaps some of the worst drivel ever written in the English language.  Famously, this year, he received a hilarious insult from enlightened commentator “natural born citizen”, who, after being told by Crappozi that believing an assertion he made required the wearing of a “tinfoil hat”, told Crappozi “you seem to have your tinfoil hat shoved up your ass.”

In yesterday’s discussion concerning the Johnson-Weld ticket, Knapp wrote to Crappozi:

You’re talking about whether the floor should be mopped or swept, hardwood or linoleum, what color and texture the floor should be.

I’m talking about whether or not janitors Gary Johnson and William Weld mopped the floor as they were hired to do, or whether they decided to do something else, maybe even something that made the floor dirtier.

Crappozi responded in his unbearable style:

As a hyper-technical matter, based on 89er rules, no. Nor did the JC and your chairman, as I understand it.

You have the choice of accepting that, or you can start a campaign of retribution against the many interlopers who’ve disappointed you and the like-minded.

Stepping outside the hyper-technical construct, most would not be as hyper-literal in complying with the rules. People drive 60 in 55 MPH zones all the time, and cops don’t bat an eyelash. People recognize that common practice sometimes diverge from the law.

To which Knapp replied:

OK, at least now we’re finally talking about the same thing.

While the janitors were taking a dump on the floor instead of mopping it as they had been hired to do, I did make an issue of it to the extent I was capable of doing so.

Now that the campaign is over, I’m not particularly interested in retribution. I’ll do what I can to help the LP not make the same mistake yet again. There may be a few people whose judgment I will not trust in the future based on their past mistakes.

If, in my view, this particular problem continues to be chronic and I lose faith that it can be corrected, I won’t be interested in retribution, either. I’ll just move on to some vehicle other than the LP.

Wow!  Talk about a burn!  Our friend Andy Jacobs sums it up nicely in a comment he wrote years ago:

Then Robert Capozzi turns into Robert Crapozzi as he sits there with a stunned look on his face and starts breathing heavy while crapping in his pants.


Thomas L. Knapp Warming Up to Trump?

In Episode 108 of the Knapp Stir Podcast, Thomas L. Knapp declares that President Elect Donald Trump may not be as bad as he previously thought.  He praises Trump’s cabinet selections of James “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, and John Kelly for Secretary of Homeland Security.  Knapp also reveals his elderly father suffered a fall over the weekend.  We at IPR-X wish him all the best and hope he gets well soon.

Listen to the show below:

I should be credited as a Producer of the Knapp Stir Podcast

For the past nine episodes of Thomas L. Knapp’s Knapp Stir Podcast, I have served a pivotal role.  In many ways, I should be credited as a producer of the show.  A large majority of the content from these past episodes either comes from me directly or my surrogates on topics I want Knapp to discuss.  This is done through Knapp’s “Thanks for Asking” threads for which he devotes most of the podcast.  Topics I had Knapp discuss included the Thin White Duke David Bowie, 2016 FPP Peace Prize winner and Libertarians for Trump founder Walter Block, conspiracy theorist and possible government agent Andy Jacobs, Cyberpig Paulie Frankel and his failing health, Knapp’s excessive profanity, PLAS Place founder Robert Milnes, and PizzaGate.  Although I started off disliking Knapp, he is starting to grow on me.  Even though I usually disagree with everything he says, I have begun to enjoy his podcasts.  For that reason, I’m proud to be a major contributor.

To better understand this situation, let me go deeper into the backstory.

I first commented on the knappster blog on the October 5 “Thanks for Asking” thread.  I asked a question, it was deleted, and I was banned from the site.  IPR (from which I and many others are banned) has people like Knapp, who think of me as a terrible person since I dared to be different and challenged libertarian orthodoxy.  These people have a hare trigger to ban me where ever I may comment.  On October 9, Knapp discussed me (for the first time I believe) on Episode 99 of the Knapp Stir Podcast, and he was particularly nasty.  As a result, I wrote an article for the Grand Inquirer called “The Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp,” discussing Knapp’s big ego, failures in politics, and questionable activities as an IPR moderator.  Afterwards, Robert Milnes questioned on the October 13 “Thanks for Asking” thread why my October 5 question was censored and left unanswered.  Knapp answered Milnes insufficiently and inaccurately.  During Episode 100 of the Knapp Stir Podcast, Knapp read Milnes’ question, repeated the answer, and then announced that Milnes had been banned from the site.  The next week, as documented at IPR-X, Harry Areola asked a series of questions.  In his answer and on Episode 101, Knapp decreed that anyone who discussed me or Robert Milnes would be banned.  I continued listening to the podcasts and instructed my surrogates to ask certain questions.  I was hoping to find out more about Knapp for new Grand Inquirer story ideas.  The only story I formulated in this time period was “Thomas L. Knapp Goes ‘Full-Retard’,” discussing Knapp’s vote for Gary Johnson and subsequent decision to take a photo of his ballot, in effect making a permanent record of his idiocy.  Nevertheless, as the episodes went on I realized I was actually enjoying the shows.  I began looking forward to Sunday, when the shows came out.  I now know that that is because I have had effective control over the content and for that I thank Knapp.  I thank Knapp for allowing me to make his show entertaining.  For that reason, the knappster blog will now be added to my blogroll.

Enjoy these podcasts for which I should be credited as Producer:


Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

I read today on IPR’s December Open Thread that I apparently wrote a comment on the page.  This came as a surprise to me since there were no comments on the page when I went to sleep last night.  While I was in a restful slumber, Wolfefan wrote at 06:13:

The above is another Nathan Norman post.

All I see above the comment is nonsense language from Thomas L. Knapp at 05:16.

Reading on it seems the alleged comment I made was deleted.  According to “Tony From Long Island”, a former prison inmate and likely Democratic Party operative, the comment included the phrase “Make American Great Again.”  If I truly made the comment it would have said “Make America Great Again”, not “American” which is grammatically incorrect.  Tony demanded everyone who uses the phrase be banned from IPR.

Cyberpig Paulie Frankel, who I suspect actually made the comment attributed to me, then oinked:

Nathan Norman and his multiple personalities are already banned here. He sneaks back in. Please ignore him when he does and give us a chance to catch it and erase it. Jill, me, and some others here catch it when we see it and remove it but we are not always here every minute of every day. It’s easier to get rid of it if you do not respond to it.

What the Cyberpig is saying is that if anyone sees a comment supporting Donald Trump it must be from the wretched Nathan Norman and so must be deleted or ignored.  This series of lies was likely a false flag operation designed to ban, or cause others to completely ignore, all Trump supporters at IPR.  This is the kind of website IPR is running.  Things like this would never happen at IPR-X.  That is exactly the reason this website exists.  All Lives Matter here.  All are welcome.

Thomas L. Knapp Goes “Full Retard”

Thomas L. Knapp takes an illegal selfie of his ballot for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  One offense is far worse than the other.

Thomas L. Knapp, the saintly, lily-white, ideologically-pure “libertarian” has outdone himself.

On the Knapp Stir Podcast sponsored by his so-called “friend” Darryl W. Perry, Knapp betrayed Perry by refusing to write him in for President, opting instead to vote for the Statist ticket of Gary “TPP” Johnson and Hillary Clinton-apologist Bill Weld.  After voting he committed a lesser offense of taking a ballot selfie, a criminal offense in his home state of Florida.  This forever memorialized his Statist act and ultimate betrayal of Perry.

Add this act to the top of the list of the Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp.  As they say in Tropic Thunder, he seems to have gone “full retard.”

Areola Interviews Thomas L. Knapp

Interview took place today on knappster blogspot article Thanks For Asking! — 10/17/16

Harry Areola: Are you running the knappster wordpress blog?  https://knappsterblog.wordpres…

Thomas L. Knapp: Thanks for asking!

No, that blog is a troll project by the group that’s also been trolling my Thanks For Asking! threads — a group of which I’m going to tentatively assume you are a member.

Harry Areola: No. No. I am not a member. My brother Marlon is though.

In other news, who would you nominate for the Supreme Court?

Thomas L. Knapp: SCOTUS? If I got to nominate the entire court, I would probably pick nine figures from Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum — Colbert and nine random picks, preferably all female pop stars.

Harry Areola: Who did you vote for/support in every general/primary election since you were born?

Harry Areola: For president that is.

Thomas L. Knapp: I had mild opinions prior to being able to vote (when I was ten I didn’t like Ford because he was bald and so I preferred Carter).

The presidential elections I have voted in:

  • 1988: No primary vote, Dukakis in the general election.
  • 1992: No primary vote, carried petitions as a volunteer for Perot, voted for Perot in November.
  • 1996: Supported Tompkins for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Browne in the general election.
  • 2000: Supported Gorman for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Browne in the general election.
  • 2004: Supported Russo for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Badnarik in the general election.
  • 2008: Supported Steve Kubby (and after he was eliminated Mary Ruwart) for the Libertarian nomination, voted for McKinney in the general election.
  • 2012: Supported no candidates, cast no votes.
  • 2016: Supported Darryl W. Perry for the Libertarian nomination, undecided as to who I’ll vote for next month if I vote in the presidential election (likely choices include a write-in for Perry, abstaining, or possibly Johnson or Stein).

Harry Areola: Okay. My last question for now. Do you think the William Stinglen death scene was fake?


Thomas L. Knapp: Thanks for asking!

  1. I’ve never heard of William Stinglen;
  2. I don’t read Robert Milnes’s web site;
  3. People who make a habit of linking to Robert Milnes’s web site or otherwise referring to him, to Nathan Norman, et al., won’t remain welcome here.