It Takes One to Know One

It has become apparent that the IPR contributor known as “Tony From Long Island” is actually a troll, possibly of the government-paid variety, according to IPR’s resident conspiracy theorist Andy Jacobs.  Tony, who claims to have voted for Gary Johnson but constantly heaps praise on Crooked Hillary Clinton, often brags that he spent a large amount of time in prison.  What for?  He has not revealed, though he recently gloated about violently attacking an eighth grade child he accused of bullying.  As Jacobs must be fully aware, the prison system is a great place for the government to recruit infiltrators who can then become internet trolls.  Jacobs himself has been accused of being a government troll for constantly accusing others of being government trolls but this should not discount the validity of his accusation.  Tony, who claims to only post at IPR while at work (which has been suggested as being a government troll center), spends most of his time on IPR commenting about how much he hates Jacobs, but no one else.  In pretty much all of his comments where he is not expressing his hatred for Jacobs, he regurgitates Democrat talking points and attacks President Elect Donald Trump as if he is parodying the misinformed losers throwing a hissy over Trump’s election.  Lately on IPR he’s been palling around with the Cyberpig, an associate of Jacobs and someone who’s been trolling IPR and other sites for years.  Perhaps Tony and Jacobs are both government paid trolls, using their supposed hatred of each other as a smokescreen while they both unleash their trollery.  They may even be gay lovers, who met each other at prison and now work at the same government troll center.  Whatever it is, both are accusing the other of being a troll, and as they say, “It takes one to know one.”


Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

I read today on IPR’s December Open Thread that I apparently wrote a comment on the page.  This came as a surprise to me since there were no comments on the page when I went to sleep last night.  While I was in a restful slumber, Wolfefan wrote at 06:13:

The above is another Nathan Norman post.

All I see above the comment is nonsense language from Thomas L. Knapp at 05:16.

Reading on it seems the alleged comment I made was deleted.  According to “Tony From Long Island”, a former prison inmate and likely Democratic Party operative, the comment included the phrase “Make American Great Again.”  If I truly made the comment it would have said “Make America Great Again”, not “American” which is grammatically incorrect.  Tony demanded everyone who uses the phrase be banned from IPR.

Cyberpig Paulie Frankel, who I suspect actually made the comment attributed to me, then oinked:

Nathan Norman and his multiple personalities are already banned here. He sneaks back in. Please ignore him when he does and give us a chance to catch it and erase it. Jill, me, and some others here catch it when we see it and remove it but we are not always here every minute of every day. It’s easier to get rid of it if you do not respond to it.

What the Cyberpig is saying is that if anyone sees a comment supporting Donald Trump it must be from the wretched Nathan Norman and so must be deleted or ignored.  This series of lies was likely a false flag operation designed to ban, or cause others to completely ignore, all Trump supporters at IPR.  This is the kind of website IPR is running.  Things like this would never happen at IPR-X.  That is exactly the reason this website exists.  All Lives Matter here.  All are welcome.