Take Greenland By Force


The Danes are not going to budge, President Trump needs to just go ahead and take Greenland by force.

It will be very easy, especially since we already have a major airbase on the island.  All we have to do is proclaim the land as ours and there will be no resistance at all.  This will save significant time and money.  We plant the flag in the ice and life will go on there as before.  The Danes will do nothing. The Eskimos will continue to build igloos and pay tribute to a White master.

Trump can build the massive tower like in the famous picture he tweeted, but the main purpose of the conquest will be to exploit the resources.  We can use that money to fund space exploration — the only reasonable solution to the current climate crisis.

Everything is a-OK

4chan shows how easy it is to trick loony leftists into accepting false allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.



Creepy porn lawyer so desperately wanted a mainstream discussion of Kavanaugh’s participation in “a train” that he overlooked the obviously false nature of the allegations.

For those of you not in the know, “a train” is where a line of men insert their erect penises into the anus of the man directly in front of them, penis to anus, penis to anus (like a human centipede) with the head usually being a woman with a penis in her vagina, anus or mouth. Example (NSFW)

This just shows how easy it is to pull a scam over alleged sexual misconduct,  which is exactly what the initial “credible” allegations appear to be.

As for Kavanagh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, everything is a-OK.



Symbolism in Leaked Kendall Jenner Photo

Earlier this week, a photo began making the rounds on Twitter showing model Kendall Jenner running in the nude on a beach.  Jenner looks quite fit in the image, although some clueless people criticized her body on Twitter, unaware that smaller female breasts are becoming increasingly fashionable.

Closer inspection of the photo reveals another fashionable trend.  Jenner has shaped her body into a swastika, embracing the growing mainstream acceptance of alt right politics.

The swastika is highlighted below in red:

Kendall Swastika

Of course, this may simply reflect the perspective of the photographer.  Still, the subconscious effect on the viewer, in appreciation of the subject’s beauty, cannot be overstated.

Lyin’ Ted Caught With Pants Down

This man is a pervert

Lyin’ Ted got caught “liking” porn on Twitter!


It makes sense.  The porn video he liked features a blonde MILF similar to Cruz’s wife walking in on her husband having sexual intercourse with a younger woman.

Sound familiar?


After liking the porn video, Ted did what he does best.  He lied about the situation and blamed a staffer.

Nobody’s buying it, Ted.

Let me give you some advice.  Create a new Twitter account and use it exclusively for watching porn videos.  That way you can still keep track of your favorite videos while preventing mishaps like this from fappening, ahem, from happening again.

Roger Stone Joins IPR-X in Call to Jail Obama

Shortly after IPR-X published the previous article demanding the arrest of former President Obama, political man-in-the-know Roger Stone tweeted:

Obama must face justice for his crimes.