Areola Interviews Thomas L. Knapp

Interview took place today on knappster blogspot article Thanks For Asking! — 10/17/16

Harry Areola: Are you running the knappster wordpress blog?  https://knappsterblog.wordpres…

Thomas L. Knapp: Thanks for asking!

No, that blog is a troll project by the group that’s also been trolling my Thanks For Asking! threads — a group of which I’m going to tentatively assume you are a member.

Harry Areola: No. No. I am not a member. My brother Marlon is though.

In other news, who would you nominate for the Supreme Court?

Thomas L. Knapp: SCOTUS? If I got to nominate the entire court, I would probably pick nine figures from Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum — Colbert and nine random picks, preferably all female pop stars.

Harry Areola: Who did you vote for/support in every general/primary election since you were born?

Harry Areola: For president that is.

Thomas L. Knapp: I had mild opinions prior to being able to vote (when I was ten I didn’t like Ford because he was bald and so I preferred Carter).

The presidential elections I have voted in:

  • 1988: No primary vote, Dukakis in the general election.
  • 1992: No primary vote, carried petitions as a volunteer for Perot, voted for Perot in November.
  • 1996: Supported Tompkins for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Browne in the general election.
  • 2000: Supported Gorman for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Browne in the general election.
  • 2004: Supported Russo for the Libertarian nomination, voted for Badnarik in the general election.
  • 2008: Supported Steve Kubby (and after he was eliminated Mary Ruwart) for the Libertarian nomination, voted for McKinney in the general election.
  • 2012: Supported no candidates, cast no votes.
  • 2016: Supported Darryl W. Perry for the Libertarian nomination, undecided as to who I’ll vote for next month if I vote in the presidential election (likely choices include a write-in for Perry, abstaining, or possibly Johnson or Stein).

Harry Areola: Okay. My last question for now. Do you think the William Stinglen death scene was fake?


Thomas L. Knapp: Thanks for asking!

  1. I’ve never heard of William Stinglen;
  2. I don’t read Robert Milnes’s web site;
  3. People who make a habit of linking to Robert Milnes’s web site or otherwise referring to him, to Nathan Norman, et al., won’t remain welcome here.

I Say William Stinglen Death Scene FAKE.

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

Yes, I saw the death scene. He was sitting in his Lazy Boy with his headphones on in front of his big screen which was on. All looked in order.
Yet, something is wrong. ANOTHER coincidence? Another death in my circle of family, friends, supporters? A clear case of disproving my wild claims that there has been poisonings, kidnappings, fake deaths, fake funerals etc. Here was a case where everything was in order….
No. What if this was a covert operation specifically directed at ME. For me to be bamboozled into realizing how wrong I have been. To have to say so which I did in so many words in previous post.
Readers: Hey Bob, you saw with your own eyes your own Uncle lying there dead. You said so on your blog which you tell everyone you write about your thoughts, ideas and observations. Therefore you must be wrong…

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William Charles Stinglen 1952-2016.

rwm4prez2016/The PLAS Place

Today I got a call from the Gloucester Township police informing me that my Uncle Bill was found in his apartment deceased.
I was stunned. He had just been released from a rehab. True he was a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser, but that is not why he was in the rehab. He had been in an accident on his electric bike and had broken his leg or ankle. He called me, said he got home ok. Was making plans to go to the Chinese place on Saturday as he used to with his girl…friend regularly. A fellow tenant in the rent subsidized housing for elderly and disabled, she had found him after he didn’t answer his phone two days in a row. So I drove to his place. Was promptly shown the body by the police. They informed me that his three children are actually his next of kin…

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