Open Thread for Deleted IPR Comments

The political censorship on IPR comments has gotten out of hand.  Deep State/Antifa operative dL is believed responsible for most of the censorship there.  As a result of his actions there has been little to no activity on the site.  Whenever a comment strays from establishment talking points or says anything positive about President Donald Trump, it is summarily deleted.  All responses to it are deleted as well.  Cyberpig is either too dumb to notice or complicit.

Because of this disgusting political censorship, I have set up a thread here where you can post deleted comments.  Please post them below as comments.  In order for this to work you must keep a personal copy of a comment before you submit it to IPR.  Monitor it before it is deleted and save any responses as well.

On your comments below include the name of the commenter, the name of the IPR article and the content of the comment.

For example I will post one I found today.   I did not write the comment but copied it before it was deleted since it was of the type of comments that are usually deleted.

September 17, 2017 at 11:53

Paul Frankel: Why Libertarians need to denounce the Alt Right and white nationalists and don’t need to worry about libertarian socialists and antifa
This thing is still going? I tried to post this earlier – not sure what happened to my comment.

paulie’s just mad because Mr. Trump won. He is spreading lies about the Russians stealing the election.

The whole “Russian inspired” or “influenced” BS is purely imaginary. It’s one in a sorry series of excuses by the Clintons why they lost the elections rather than looking at their failed policies and corrupt candidate, or realizing that Mr. Trump and his ideas connected with the voters and can actually do exactly what they set out to, which is make America great again.

The Clintons tried to steal the election with their biased media, their attempted manipulation of the rules, and their millions of votes by ineligible illegals (especially in California but also in many other states), but none of it could overcome the overwhelming tide of popular support for Donald Trump, the people’s champion. Now they are trying to deligitimize his election with laughable lies about the Russians. Don’t believe them for one second.

There’s no evidence the Russians even tried to change the outcome of the US election, much less that they succeeded in doing so. Trump won fair and square. Clintonites want to blame the Russians, the FBI, third party candidates…anyone except themselves. But the reality is that President Trump said things a lot of people had been waiting a long time to hear, and they enthusiastically voted for him and overwhelmingly elected him to do exactly what he promised during his campaign. It’s as simple as that and that’s all there is to it.

There’s not going to be any do-over, not until 4 years from now, when President Trump will win a second term by an even bigger margin. Either jump on board the Trump train and celebrate, get the hell out of the way, or piss and moan on the tracks while that train runs right over you; it’s your choice. What you are not going to do is stop the Trump train!

Jill Pyeatt replied “Dude, I agree with your comment above, with the exception that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. I would be surprised if he completes his first term. It’s just a gut feeling I have, but I think it will have to do with his health.”

President Trump’s doctor says he is in exceptionally excellent health. I believe he will easily serve out two full terms, and by then his support will be so overwhelming that the 22nd Amendment limiting Presidents to two terms will be repealed so he can set a new record for time served in office, just like he does with everything else, being the biggest and best of all time in all things. The President is not a quitter or a loser so there is no way he will quit or get forced out. He will stay and fight and he will prevail and make America great again because that is what it is all about.


Lyin’ Ted Caught With Pants Down

This man is a pervert

Lyin’ Ted got caught “liking” porn on Twitter!


It makes sense.  The porn video he liked features a blonde MILF similar to Cruz’s wife walking in on her husband having sexual intercourse with a younger woman.

Sound familiar?


After liking the porn video, Ted did what he does best.  He lied about the situation and blamed a staffer.

Nobody’s buying it, Ted.

Let me give you some advice.  Create a new Twitter account and use it exclusively for watching porn videos.  That way you can still keep track of your favorite videos while preventing mishaps like this from fappening, ahem, from happening again.

In Remembrance


Today is 9/11.  It was on this day we suffered a major attack . . .

Of course, as everyone knows, today marks the three year anniversary of Cyberpig’s destruction of the Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement website in a cowardly act of political censorship.  This marked the end of the fledgling Functional Fillmore Frugal movement, which was on its way to becoming a major force within the Libertarian Party.  Like the movement, however, libertarianism is now dead.

Those of you who want to relive the glory days of the Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement can access a mirror of the website at  It is there as it was on the day it was wrongfully deleted.

Let’s keep in mind, the movement was not all for naught.  Like a phoenix, from the ashes of the Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement, the Millard Fillmore Remembrance Project will rise.  Stay tuned for updates.


It’s Coming!


Vice’s Fashy Moment


When I heard Vice was doing a show on the Charlottesville rally, I was skeptical.  I loved the imagery of the torch rally at the Thomas Jefferson statue and felt pride at the statement our kin made the next day.  I hoped Vice would not ruin the event with biased, anti-White reporting.  Although Vice did try to do this, the show, which you can watch on HBO GO, actually highlighted an interesting dynamic that makes Fascism attractive.

That dynamic was on full display as reporter Elle Reeve, a blonde Aryan woman, walked beside Libertarian Fascist Chris Cantwell.  Cantwell marched without a shirt, showing a chiseled physique.  He oozed alpha masculinity and appeared as a man of action and a man in charge.  At the sight of Cantwell, Reeve appeared flush, perhaps in a state of arousal.  She asked Cantwell about the pro-White movement, giving him a fair opportunity to discuss his point of view in an intelligent, articulate manner (Compare this to Megyn Kelly’s treatment of Alex Jones).  He perfectly reflected how adherence to fascism can improve one’s life.  After Cantwell courageously took a macing (for a second time) from Antifa terrorists, Reeve was there, offering a dose of feminine empathy and concern.  Moreover, as Cantwell hurriedly stepped into a bus to leave the riot, Reeve followed close behind and grabbed a seat right beside him.  She seemed comfortable there among her own race, something she probably doesn’t often experience in the world of multiculturalism

To appease the left wing, of course, Reeve will deny she felt anything positive toward Cantwell and the Alt-Right.  Her piece had the token social justice virtue signalling and sob story moralizing.  And she is now doing the interview tour saying the same things.  Looking beyond the surface, however, Vice accurately presented Antifa terrorists as the prime catalysts of the violence in Charlottesville and showed how local law enforcement did nothing to stop it.

It will be hard for Reeve to deny the obvious sexual tension between her and Cantwell displayed in the piece.  That was the strongest appeal of the show, and perhaps, one of the strongest attractions to fascism itself.  Most apparent of this was when Reeve accepted Cantwell’s invitation to go up to his hotel room and check out his guns.  We can only imagine if she checked out a different kind of gun, once the cameras went off.

I recommend the Vice piece to anyone interested.  Fascism, and its tenets of truth and realism, are on the rise in America.  Vice does a good job to further this fact.



Promotion of “Transgenders” Is a Globalist Plot

President Donald Trump did the sensible thing today by banning so-called “transgenders” from the military.  “Transgenders” are mentally ill people with a warped view of their own reality.  Their delusions tell them they are one gender while nature tells them and the rest of the world otherwise.  Globalists and their deep state minions promote this mental illness by encouraging the ingestion of potentially dangerous hormones and advocating medically unnecessary surgery for these people to mutilate their genitals.  Elites advise these “transgenders” to join the military so that the American taxpayer can foot the bill for their bogus “treatment”.   Thankfully President Trump put an end to this insanity.  At the very least, he has stalled the globalist plot to weaken the military and Americans in general.


For years globalists and communists have been promoting homosexuality to decrease the birthrate in western nations.  They have succeeded.  This is why globalists are so opposed to the far less intrusive gay conversion therapy while fully supporting dangerous sex reassignment.  Sex reassignment not only renders its victims infertile, it makes them twenty times more likely to commit suicide.  Globalists want to kill off as many westerners as possible.  They want to replace us with third world people who will work for lower wages and will not stand in the way of their one world government rule.  They are attacking us in other ways as well.  Sperm count is decreasing in western nations, possibly a result of our fast food diet, fluoride in the water supply, and mercury in vaccinations.

As the globalists promote things like “transgenders” and teach our children not only to accept it but to embrace it and become a part of it, we stand as the resistance to their globalist agenda.  For the first time in many years we have a President who is not a globalist.  As the deep state tries to tear him down, we need to prop him up.  The survival of western civilization depends on it.



You Wanna Rumble?

Over at IPR, master debater Andy Jacobs issues a challenge to yours truly:

If Nathan Norman has the balls to show up and debate me somewhere, and have it put on video and posted online, tell him to go for it.

I happen to have very large testicles, so I emailed an image of my scrotum to Andy so he can see what he’s dealing with.  I accept his debate challenge.

We shall debate pressing political topics such as space exploration, energy pacts and political realignment.  I don’t entirely know Andy’s position on these matters but I believe I can bring him over to my points of view since we already agree on such major issues as illegal immigration, Moslems, and the preservation of the White race.

Let’s go Andy.  Let’s work this out. When will you be near Scranton?  Where would you like to hold the event?  And what political issues would you like to add to the program?

I eagerly await your response and look forward to our debate.