TMZ comment scientifically explains why Whites are more attractive


Beth Lily

Posted by The Game is the Game on the TMZ article GENIE BOUCHARD

It is a scientific fact that pale skin is more attractive …it’s
The explanation as to why the Caucasian race spread so rapidly across europe … faster than any other pigmented race … darker skinned people’s coming out of Africa into lower Europe were more attracted to the pale skin and bright haired people’s that had already escaped from Africa way before them. … those darker skinned people sought out the pale skin and bright hair bc they were more attracted to them… what can you do .. it’s the way it is

Potential AOC Porn Gif Uncovered

Sources within WCS have informed IPR-X that a pornographic gif of a woman resembling Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been uncovered at the site White Cocks Supreme.

Here is a link to the NSFW gif.

The gif shows a woman with light skin, dark hair, and large dark eyes marveling over a large erect white penis.

See a censored still of the gif below:



J’Adore Celebrates White Supremacy


J’adore celebrates the supremacy and aesthetic beauty of White women with its ad starring Aryan Boer beauty Charlize Theron.

The 60 second ad shows Theron emerge topless from a Roman bath with lesser women subservient.  The other women follow Theron as she walks away, symbolizing the supremacy of the Aryan race.

It is great to see an advertisement strike against White genocide, specifically celebrating a woman from a country on the front line of the worldwide struggle, where the corrupt and incompetent ruling black majority wishes to eradicate the white farmers (from the same gene pool as Theron) who are keeping the nation afloat.

NASA Blatantly Promotes Homosexuality


NASA tweeted the above photo the other day showing a massive Martian crater filled with snow.  It is plainly obvious what they are doing here.  The image looks like a gaping gay anus filled with semen.  Don’t believe me? Compare the image to this (NSFW), which shows a gay anus after a penis ejaculated inside of it.

Perhaps NASA is attempting to connect itself to the trending LGBTQ agenda.  Even though homosexuality is deviant, ungodly and unhealthy, maybe this will help raise awareness of the movement to terraform and colonize Mars, something the survival of the human race depends upon.


Frack Siberia! Research Space! Terraform Mars!

Debut of Egyptian God

I just dropped my debut single “Egyptian God”.  Check it out on YouTube.

Lyrics by Lazarus Mudd

Music by David Bowie

Horseshoes and Grenades
Almost only counts
So says the merchant of lemonade

Horseshoes and Grenades
Stick it all out
Show us the bosomful bounty

Horseshoes and Grenades
Make it come all about
Like a listless hermaphrodite

Horseshoes and Grenades
Almost never counts
Unless you the power to make it right

Ra and Osiris
Ptah and Isis
The Egyptian gods ascend
Spilling the seed of Sin
Making misery of men

This is how the world begins
And this is how it ends
Through Horseshoes and Grenades
Through competition we maim
Until only the Egyptian God remains

Egyptian God