Open Thread for Deleted IPR Comments

The political censorship on IPR comments has gotten out of hand.  Deep State/Antifa operative dL is believed responsible for most of the censorship there.  As a result of his actions there has been little to no activity on the site.  Whenever a comment strays from establishment talking points or says anything positive about President Donald Trump, it is summarily deleted.  All responses to it are deleted as well.  Cyberpig is either too dumb to notice or complicit.

Because of this disgusting political censorship, I have set up a thread here where you can post deleted comments.  Please post them below as comments.  In order for this to work you must keep a personal copy of a comment before you submit it to IPR.  Monitor it before it is deleted and save any responses as well.

On your comments below include the name of the commenter, the name of the IPR article and the content of the comment.

For example I will post one I found today.   I did not write the comment but copied it before it was deleted since it was of the type of comments that are usually deleted.

Lyin’ Ted Caught With Pants Down

This man is a pervert

Lyin’ Ted got caught “liking” porn on Twitter!


It makes sense.  The porn video he liked features a blonde MILF similar to Cruz’s wife walking in on her husband having sexual intercourse with a younger woman.

Sound familiar?


After liking the porn video, Ted did what he does best.  He lied about the situation and blamed a staffer.

Nobody’s buying it, Ted.

Let me give you some advice.  Create a new Twitter account and use it exclusively for watching porn videos.  That way you can still keep track of your favorite videos while preventing mishaps like this from fappening, ahem, from happening again.

In Remembrance


Today is 9/11.  It was on this day we suffered a major attack . . .

Of course, as everyone knows, today marks the three year anniversary of Cyberpig’s destruction of the Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement website in a cowardly act of political censorship.  This marked the end of the fledgling Functional Fillmore Frugal movement, which was on its way to becoming a major force within the Libertarian Party.  Like the movement, however, libertarianism is now dead.

Those of you who want to relive the glory days of the Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement can access a mirror of the website at  It is there as it was on the day it was wrongfully deleted.

Let’s keep in mind, the movement was not all for naught.  Like a phoenix, from the ashes of the Functional Fillmore Frugal Movement, the Millard Fillmore Remembrance Project will rise.  Stay tuned for updates.


It’s Coming!