Nathan Norman’s Answers to Libertarian Skeptics Network Questions

Libertarian Skeptics Network: Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

1. Would your administration respect and duly consider scientific evidence, expert consensus, cost-benefit analysis, and practice evidence-based decision-making?

Yes. The biggest issue here is global climate change. Scientific consensus is clear. I will follow it. Global climate change will soon make the Earth unlivable. If it were possible to reverse, the negative externalities from the large scale activities required to raise the funds for necessary research & technology would offset any benefit. Plus it would require complete international agreement which we all know is impossible. I propose fracking Siberia in a joint effort with Russia to raise the funds to research and ultimately terraform Mars for future human relocation (Americans and Russians first). The negative externalities from raising the funds would not affect the ultimate end product: a terraformed Mars. Based on science, here’s how the process will look:
We should also follow the scientific view on homosexuality that Dr. Konstantin Monastyrsky explains at

2. The Libertarian platform supports the prohibition of fraud, as being no different than theft. In your view does this include the selling of fake, mislabeled, or scam medications under deliberately false claims of therapeutic effect?

Yes. Let me speak on this issue because a few months ago my friend fell for scam pills that claimed they would increase the size of his penis. The pills did nothing at all. This is fraud. It is not Libertarian. It needs to be stopped. My friend should be able to sue the fraudsters easily and put them out of business. Plain and simple, it is theft.

3. Do you support the development of private industry and a free market in the field of aerospace, including commercial launch services based in the United States, commercial manned spaceflight, and competitive bidding in NASA procurement?   

Sure. But we need to work together in order to ultimately relocate everyone to Mars.

4. Do you support a free market in pharmaceuticals, and oppose laws and regulations that hinder the advancement of modern medical science, such as the length and corruption of the FDA approval process?   

Like most agencies, the FDA ought to be abolished. The money allocated to it and other nonsense government agencies should be reallocated to research terraformation and space exploration.

5. Do you oppose regulations mandating an arbitrary definition and punitive label for genetically engineered crops, and the associated implication that this life-saving technology is harmful and should be banned?

We need greater innovation in food technology, particularly in learning to grow food on Mars as Matt Damon did in The Martian. I would impose no bans or limits on genetically engineered crops or other technology to improve production of food.

6. Do you plan to campaign on advocating the belief that the September 11th attacks, or any other recent mass shooting or terrorist attack, was a hoax staged by the United States government?

No. I was not in New York during the 9/11 events and I was not present at any mass shootings. I do not suppose to know what actually happened then and I have no reason to campaign on those events when we’re facing the possible extinction of the human race.

7. Do you agree that Libertarian defenses of medical freedom and personal autonomy, should not be based on false or disproven claims about the safety and efficacy of vaccination? .

I believe that on Earth, it should be up to the parents and not government whether children should be vaccinated. Of course, it will be a requirement for the relocation to Mars.

8. Do you agree that taxpayer money should not be wasted by the government on investigating “paranormal” phenomenon, such as alien abductions, ghosts, psychic abilities, and the like?

Yes. Any money wasted on those nonsense topics should go toward research and development of the space exploration and Martian terraformation.

9. Do you oppose laws restricting or banning research in the field of genetics, including regulations that would ban consumer products derived from such research?


10. Do you agree that it is important for the Libertarian message to be presented by our candidates in a manner that is credible, honest, and demonstrating seriousness of purpose?

I’ll say no so that McAfee has to eat one of his shoes. Remember the Laurence Fishburne meme: What if I told you, McAfee is the virus!